Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide - Full List

Street Fighter 6 is finally out and has a fresh new roster of characters. From familiar faces like Ryu and Chun-Li to fresh additions like Juri and Dee Jay, the game has a character for everyone.

Street Fighter 6 is the latest entry in Capcom’s long-running fighting series. It’s loaded with new characters, old favorites, and a host of new features. The game features a robust character creator and an all-new control scheme that’s designed to make the game more accessible for casual gamers.

Street Fighter 6 has an expansive roster of characters that both new and old fans can enjoy. The launch window has seen a number of familiar faces honed from the game’s various betas, including Luke, Juri, Cammy, and Ken.

In fighting games, it can be tricky to get the hang of a new character. Some have incredibly complicated moves, while others can require a lot of practice to master. This is especially true for those who are attempting to compete in ranked matches. This is where tier lists come in handy. Tier lists tell players which characters are the best for online play.


Street Fighter 6 Cammy
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 19

A longtime fan favorite, Cammy makes her debut in the sixth main entry to the Street Fighter series. Despite her new look, she retains her fundamentals-focused gameplay and is a solid choice for players who prefer to stick to the basics. 

Cammy is a rush-down fighter that does plenty of damage with her short combos and heavy hits. Her move set has been slightly revamped with the addition of a crouching medium kick. This attack can be specially canceled to add extra power to combos and pressure sequences. 

Cammy also gains the ability to charge the heavy versions of her special moves for enhanced offensive potential.


Street Fighter 6 lily ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 20

Lily is one of the newcomers to SF6. She is a miniature warrior who hails from the Thunderfoot tribe (the same tribe that T Hawk belongs to). 

She wields twin war clubs that can be used at long distances to hit opponents with various powerful grabs and a deceptive reach.

She can also build up Condor Wind to buff a number of her special moves, such as her Level 1 Super Art Breezing Hawk and the devastating Raging Typhoon.


Street Fighter 6 zangief ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 21

Zangief is one of the veteran World Warriors returning to Street Fighter 6, and he’s also a big guy. He’s nicknamed the Red Cyclone and hails from Russia. He’s a professional wrestler who works for Shadaloo, and he has a special focus on strength training.

Unlike nimble characters like Manon, he’s built for close-range wrestling and can decimate foes with powerful grapples. He’s a tough character to play, however, as his big muscles make him vulnerable to long pokes and fireballs.


Street Fighter 6 JP
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 22

JP is the game’s main antagonist and a character that commands respect due to his regal appearance and formidable fighting abilities. 

He’s capable of inflicting damage from afar through long-reaching regular attacks and a range of Psycho Power projectiles. 

He also offers a decent amount of mid-range defense by positioning his cane in front of enemies and using a command throw to send a clone across the screen.


Street Fighter 6 marisa ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 23

Marisa is a massive powerhouse who looks set to be one of the game’s biggest hits. Her win animation is absolutely mesmerizing as she dons a Spartan helmet and cradles her defeated foe in her arms.

Marisa will likely be a popular choice among players looking for an easy-to-learn character with some of the hardest-hitting moves in the game.

Her Scutum move absorbs a hit and gives her access to a low, overhead, and grab follow-up. 

She also has armor on her heavy attacks and specials, which means opponents who are careful with their spacing will have a hard time punishing a charged Gladius or Drive Rush.


Street Fighter 6 manon ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 24

Street Fighter 6 brought a ton of new characters to the franchise, with many offering a breath of fresh air to the series. One of the most interesting additions is Manon, a French model, ballet dancer, and judoka who combines the technical grappling and tossing of judo with the fluidity and speed of ballet.

Her neutral tools allow her to close the gap against opponents and impose damage with her ranged kick attacks. She can also restrict movement by deploying her Temps Lie, which acts as a vacuum that pulls her opponent closer to her. Her command grab, Manege Dore, and Renverse counter are all quite useful as well.

To unlock Manon in Street Fighter 6, you’ll have to advance your World Tour story to at least Chapters 7-3, then head to Beat Street and talk to Oscar. He’ll give you a submission that asks you to take out three of his proteges. After you’ve done this, Manon will become available as a Master in your World Tour roster. She’ll also have a brand-new outfit for you to wear as a reward.

Dee Jay

Street Fighter 6 deejay ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 25

The brash Jamaican beatboxer Dee Jay returns to the franchise after sitting out Street Fighter V. He’s still a charge character with a lot of tools to punish and put pressure on opponents, but his move set has been reworked to be more aggressive.

He has new lunges like Jus Cool that can follow up with a variety of attacks, and he can also sway back and forth with a number of different maneuvers. These changes give Dee Jay more options than he ever had before to mix up his playstyle and frustrate opponents.


Street Fighter 6 ehonda ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 26

Another returning character is E. Honda, the worldwide ambassador for sumo wrestling who first appeared in Super Street Fighter II

He’s maintaining his reactive playstyle in Street Fighter 6, but he’s got more tools to punish and put pressure on opponents, thanks to Drive Impact.

He can fake his projectiles and can even flip a jump to make it look like he’s smacking down on an opponent when he actually wants to get close enough for a counter-hit.


Street Fighter 6 dhalsim ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 27

A yoga master with the ability to stretch and control fire, Dhalsim is a skilled long-range fighter. He’s often seen using his flaming weapons to distract his opponents and engulf them in flames, but Dhalsim is careful not to be killed. 

Dhalsim’s stretching limbs make him difficult to hit from far away, but his most dangerous weapon is a powerful blow known as Yoga Inferno. He can also launch a fireball upwards with the Yoga Arch. Other notable moves include the Yoga Blast, which shoots a wave of flames at the opponent.

Dhalsim is a great choice for those who want to play a character with surprising range, but he doesn’t provide the same amount of damage output or flexibility that other fighters can offer. 

He’s also vulnerable to characters that can close the distance quickly, like E. Honda, which can be a major problem for him if he is not careful.


Street Fighter 6 blanka ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 28

Blanka is a big guy with wild hair that stretches all the way to his feet. He’s a character that relies on his speed to keep opponents off guard, and his new move set looks to make him a tricky character to master.

Blanka‘s a jungle native with deep green skin, and he’s always trying to win a world warrior tournament for the sake of his mother and to make himself famous. He’s a bit of a wild man, but he does his best to be a good son and husband.

His gimmicks include his Blanka-chan Bomb special attack, which throws a doll that advances on enemies in different ways before exploding. 

He can also use his Aerial Rolling Attack to roll diagonally down and surprise an opponent with a combo. 

His Crouching Medium Punch is one of his best normal attacks. It’s a pressure tool that can be confirmed into his Target Combo 2 for a quick bread-and-butter combo.


Street Fighter 6 ken ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 29

Ken masters may have a more shabby appearance in Street Fighter 6 than in his previous entries, but his martial arts skills are still top-notch. He has a wide range of attacks, including a low kick that hits below standing blocks and a high Jinrai Kick that smashes down on crouch-blocking enemies. He also has a variety of counters and guard breaks that make him one of the most versatile characters in the game.

His character page reveals that things have been rough for the former US National Fighting Champ and ex-VP of the Master’s Foundation. Accusations of masterminding some kind of criminal plot have led to his being forced into hiding, but he’s determined to keep his family safe.

His throws and back dash can close the gap on opponents, but players should focus on spamming fast start-up combos and attacking from long range to avoid his KO potential. 

His overdrive moves can counter or breakthrough most enemy attacks, and his OD Tatsu or Run Tatsu allow him to corner carry from mid screen, with an invincible Shoryuken or a long-range juggle into OD Dragonlash, giving him great anti-air options at any point in the fight.


Street Fighter 6 Juri
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 30

Juri is a sadistic thrill-seeker who is ready to take on any challenge that comes her way. She first appeared in Street Fighter IV and has captivated fans ever since. This new update to the franchise has brought her back with an upgraded look that has been met with positive reactions from fans.

The character has a more balanced move-set in this game, but she can be difficult for beginners to control. 

She’s a strong kick-reliant character that can use her Fuha attacks to get close and attack. However, her air attacks can leave enemies open if they aren’t careful.

Juri can be a tricky character to master, but she can be a fun and satisfying playstyle once players master her combos and mix-ups. For example, her Feng Shui Engine install super allows her to buff herself with kicks, allowing her to get in and out of combos quickly. 


Street Fighter 6 kimberly ss01 1
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 31

Kimberly is more than a modern reskin of a previous Street Fighter character; she’s one of the most exciting new additions to the franchise. 

She blends classic Bushinryu technique with plenty of flairs and high mobility, and she has a few match-changing super arts to keep opponents guessing.

As with most new characters, you’ll want to use Sprint as your go-to attack when attacking from range. It combos with most of her other special moves, and it can also be canceled into a grab or a launcher. This allows you to get in and stay in your opponent’s face, which is essential for her rush-down playstyle.

As for her normal attacks, the crouching medium punch is an excellent poke because it’s fast, safe, and combos into itself. The heavy punch is also a solid option, but be careful about throwing it out by itself – always combo into it. The OD version of the attack pops your opponent into the air and is great for extending combos.


Street Fighter 6 guile ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 32

A playable character in Street Fighter 6 is Guile. He is a seasoned pro who frequently teams up with the heroes to try to stop Shadaloo or the current evil force. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn about Guile’s move set and some advice. 

Guile has been a part of Street Fighter since the second installment, more than a decade ago. His iconic charge attacks and mind-blowing theme have helped him gain popularity.

Guile is a good place to start if you want to try a charge character because he has good pressure options, have you covered with a quick and powerful projectile, and has a very helpful anti-air.


Street Fighter 6 chunli ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 33

Chun-Li is one of the most recognizable characters in the Street Fighter series, and she’s back in SF6. However, her gameplay is quite different this time around. She’s now a stance character with a new special move called Serenity Stream, which allows her to get low and perform combos.

You can find Chun-Li in the China Town area of Metro City as part of Chapters 2-1, and she will automatically become your master. You can raise your bond with her by giving her gifts, fighting her, or interacting with her in World Tour mode.

Chun-Li is one of the fastest characters in SF6, and she’s great at getting hits in consistently and combining them into huge combos. However, her move set can be complicated to master, especially for first-time players.


Street Fighter 6 jamie ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 34

Jamie brings a fresh urban style to the fight with his Drunken Fist technique, a unique blend of martial arts and breakdancing. He has a variety of moves that can keep enemies off balance, and his Level 2 super provides a power boost.

His story is interwoven with nods to other well-known Street Fighter characters, and he shares a deep admiration for Yun and Yang. His rhythmic movement echoes that of Dee Jay, while his powerful strikes evoke the techniques of Fei Long.


Street Fighter 6 luke ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 35

Introduced at the tail end of Street Fighter 5Luke has a more level-headed demeanor in this new game. He has become a private military instructor and coaches the player character as part of the campaign’s basic training course.

He’s a very rounded fighter, with plenty of ranged attacks that can chip away at health bars and anti-air moves. However, he’s a much more effective close-up. A great number of his standing combos push him forward for whiff punishing, and his Flash Knuckle can deal impressive Oki damage.

He’s a quick learner who’s ideal for beginners. He’s also a fan of junk food and PC games.


Street Fighter 6 ryu ss01
Street Fighter 6 Characters Guide 36

Ryu is the series protagonist and a solid choice for beginners in Street Fighter 6. His powerful special moves and hulking body make him a great character to start with.

He can easily punish opponents with his Hadokens and Shoryukens and juggle them into the corner with his command run and leaping kick. He also has new stances that give him more options for mix-ups.

His Denjin Charge has high risk but can be used for mid-screen Okizeme and combo enders. He also has a decently wide cross-up normal that can link into 2LP, while his HK has better-hit stun and block stun for consistent follow-ups. However, his Axe Kick is cancellable, and the Xianglong combo ender has low damage. He is a good option for beginners because of his easy-to-use mix-ups.

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