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Turn-based space strategy game Tharsis and 2D combat-racer Speed Brawl are now free of charge on Epic Games Store until September 23rd.

Epic Games Store continues to give away video games every week. The Chinese platform had already given many popular games for free. This week they are distributing Tharsis and Speed Brawl for free. Speed Brawl was given away for free by Epic Games in August. We already published an article about it. So, you can take a look at the review article of Speed Brawl, which is now free of charge again.

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Tharsis Trailer

Tharsis Overview

Tharsis is a dice-based strategy game developed and published by Choice Provisions. Initially released in 2016, Tharsis puts you at the center of humanity’s first mission to Mars.

The game’s story begins with a mysterious signal from the Tharsis region of Mars. A spaceship is sent to investigate this signal, but a micro-meteor storm shatters the hull and crew.

This is exactly where you come into play. Each crew member in the game has an allocation of dice that can be used while performing actions throughout the ship. These dice determine how much progress each crew has made.

The micro meteor storm certainly did some damage, but this will be one of the easiest problems you face. You will always face a disaster and try to keep the crew alive by resisting these disasters. Managing these crises by relying on the luck of the dice is results in intense and tactical gameplay.

Tharsis System Requirements

System Requirements
System Requirements
OSWindows 7 x64Windows 7 x64
CPUIntel Core i5 5th Gen.Intel Core i7 5th Gen.
GPUIntel HD 5000,
NVIDIA GeForce 400
Radeon HD 5000
NVIDIA GeForce 6xx
Radeon HD 7xxx
DirectXVersion 11Version 11
Memory2 GB RAM6 GB RAM
Storage2 GB available space2 GB available space
System Requirements

Tharsis Download

It is the perfect time to get Tharsis if it is already on your wish list. You can add the game to your game library for free until September 23rd on Epic Games Store. Alternatively, you can get the game from Steam for $14,99.

If you are a console gamer, you can also add the game to your library for the console platforms, including Playstation and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, Tharsis isn’t available for Microsoft Xbox.

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