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The Mageseeker‘s gorgeous pixel art, responsive controls, compelling magic-stealing combat, and nuanced protagonist make it an experience worth exploring. Well, how about its characters? Here is what you need to know about all The Mageseeker characters.

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The Mageseeker Characters Sylas Lawod
The Mageseeker Characters 4


Sylas is easily one of the best characters in The Mageseeker. The game does a wonderful job of presenting his conflict between feelings of rage and vengeance, and hope.

Sylas of Dregbourne grew up in a poor area of Demacia and has become a symbol of the city’s darker side. When he was young, he showed a talent for uncovering hidden magic, which caught the attention of The Mageseekers. However, he eventually turned his powers against them and was imprisoned. Sylas has since escaped and becomes a revolutionary, using magic to overthrow the kingdom he used to serve. His group of outcast mages continues to grow in number.


Garen is a brave and respected soldier who leads the Dauntless Vanguard. He comes from a prestigious family and is responsible for defending Demacia and its values. 

Garen wears special armor that can resist magic and carries a powerful sword. He is ready to fight against mages and sorcerers with his righteous steel. Many people admire and follow him on the battlefield.

Jarvan IV

Prince Jarvan is the only son of the king and is next in line to become the ruler of Demacia. He was brought up to embody the values that his country holds in high regard. 

However, he also wants to prove himself on the battlefield while managing the heavy expectations placed on him. He is a great fighter and motivates his troops with his bravery and determination. He proudly represents his family and reveals his true leadership qualities.

The Mageseeker Characters Lux Lawod
The Mageseeker Characters 5

Lux Crownguard

Luxanna Crownguard comes from a place called Demacia. In Demacia, people are afraid of magic and don’t trust those who can use it. 

Lux has the ability to control light, but she had to keep it a secret so her family wouldn’t lose their high status. Despite the challenges, Lux has a positive attitude and wants to help her country be more accepting of people with special abilities.


Morgana is a unique character who struggles with her own identity as both a celestial being and a mortal. In order to connect with humanity, she gave up her wings. However, she still holds onto her pain and bitterness and uses it to fight against dishonest and corrupt behavior. 

She stands up against laws and traditions that she believes are unjust and fights for truth even when others try to suppress it. She does this by casting powerful spells that create shields and chains of dark fire. 

Above all else, Morgana believes that everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves, even those who have been cast out by society.

The Mageseeker Characters Rukko Lawod
The Mageseeker Characters 6


Rukko and his brother Kino were blacksmiths until they were captured and separated by a group called The Mageseekers. Rukko is seeking revenge against them and also wants to find a place where he belongs. 

He is skilled at making weapons more deadly, including Sylas’s chains. Eventually, Rukko and his brother are reunited when rebels rescue them from being executed.


Shyvana is a magical creature with a fiery heart that can transform into a scary dragon to defeat her enemies. She saved the life of the prince, Jarvan IV, and now works for him on his guard, but people in Demacia are not sure if they can trust her.


Commander Wisteria had a tough childhood with Sylas, and her magical abilities were controlled through painful experimentation by Hesbeth. Despite having magical powers, she despises them now and supports the idea of a Demacia without magic. 

When Eldred, the previous leader of The Mageseekers, died at the hands of Sylas, Wisteria took over. Unfortunately, she also met her end during the Battle of Terbisisa in a fight with Sylas.

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