The Mortuary Assistant All Endings

The Mortuary Assistant is one of the popular horror games that offers multiple endings to players. This offers a way more fun experience for players and lets them enjoy the game over and over again without getting bored.

The game has 5 regular endings and two secret endings. This means that you can play it seven times to explore all these endings! If you would like to learn more about these endings, then keep reading!

Rebecca’s Ending

This is the possible best ending you can get in The Mortuary Assistant. You need to collect sobriety coins and a necklace to get this ending. All you need to do is place the necklace at the end of Rebecca’s father when you see him. Then give the sobriety coins to Rebecca.

This will let you win the Closure achievement. Rebecca will speak to his dead dad and tell him that it is not her fault.

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The Mortuary Assistant All Endings 3

Second Good Ending

This is very similar to Rebecca’s Ending, where you need to burn the right body and choose the right demon. Rebecca will not claim that she does not want to do it anymore. Instead, she is going to accept her life and talk to Raymond to learn whether this will end any day.

He is going to tell Rebecca that he has been doing research for a long year and visited many places. Later, he is going to send Rebecca home.


Again, you need to burn the right body and choose the right demon to enjoy this ending. Without a doubt, it is also one of the best endings you can get. In this ending, Rebecca and Raymond will talk about the things that happened and Rebecca will tell that she does not want to get involved in these anymore.

He will tell Rebecca that she is the only survivor and also offer an opportunity to learn more about demons and possessions.

Raymond Dies

If you burn the wrong body and mix the symbols, which will result in the wrong demon choice, you are going to get this ending. You are going to wake up on the floor and talk to Raymond, where he will send you home.

However, Rebecca will not want to go at that moment and they will notice that something is wrong. Then the demon will kill Raymond and throw his dead body across the room.

The Mortuary Assistant Raymond Dies
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Basement Ending

In this ending, you will learn the reasons why Raymond is involved in these situations. You need to find the hatch key in the lower cabinets, and the old key in the personal belongings drabber. Then you can get to the basement, where you will speak to Vallery.

After the cutscene, Raymond will talk to you about the reason why Vallery is in the basement and he will tell you his story.

Burning a Random Body (Secret Ending)

You have to get possessed to get this ending. For this reason, you need to put random sigils on the market and then burn a random body. You should not embalm it first as well. A cutscene will start to play where you will look from a hole in the coffin.

Raymond will look at you and he will be disappointed with what you did. He will open the coffin to you and you will be directed to the main menu of the game.

Getting Possessed (Secret Ending)

If finishing your job will take too long, you are going to get this ending. However, it should take really long and you can think of this as a time limitation for the game ending.

You will get possessed and wake up in the basement in chains. Raymond will be preparing a coffin for you to keep the demon intact. Later he will move you to the coffin and he will close the coffin on you.

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