The Mortuary Assistant Release Date And Demo Overview

If you enjoy horror games that put lots of stress on your shoulders while playing them, we have a great game for you, it is called The Mortuary Assistant. We are going to discuss another great game that will offer you a very dark story and gameplay. In this great game, you are going to have quite an unusual job. Let’s dive into it.

In this creepy game, you are controlling a character working in a mortuary, and as you can guess, weird things are going to happen. With its stunning graphics, well-thought scenario, and great gameplay, The Mortuary Assistant will appeal to those who love horror and supernatural games. Without a doubt, a surreal adventure is waiting for you!

When Will the Mortuary Assistant Be Released?

The Mortuary Assistant is being developed by DarkStone Digital, and the game has the same concept as the developers’ name. This great game offers a unique adventure by combining supernatural events, horror, mystery, and demons. It sounds great, right? We thought so!

Unfortunately, DarkStone Digital didn’t make any announcement about the exact release date of the game. However, according to the official announcement, The Mortuary Assistant will be released in the spring of 2022. On the other hand, they have already released a trailer, which we highly recommend watching it.

The Mortuary Assistant Demo Overview

The Mortuary Assistant has not been released yet, as we mentioned above. However, the demo version of the game is available on and Steam. Well, we should say that it is going to be a decent horror game. As soon as the game release you’ll find the detailed review on Lawod.

You are a loyal worker in a mortuary that takes care of the daily tasks and prepares the deceased people for their last ceremony. One night, your boss calls you and wants you to see the mortuary. People also believe that something weird is going on in the facility, but none of them dare to speak up.

You go and start to investigate around. Right after a few minutes, you arrive at the mortuary, interesting and supernatural things start to happen. Are you brave enough to survive and solve the mystery? Besides handling daily tasks at night, you also need to investigate the dead bodies while trying to cope with the demonic forces.

Why Should You Play the Mortuary Assistant?

Without a doubt, The Mortuary Assistant will appeal to those who love horror games. You can find everything you can expect from a horror game, including demons, supernatural powers, dead bodies, and plenty of mystery. All these are supported with a great storyline, graphics, and sound effects.

If you play the game with lights off and with headphones, we believe that you may have to give breaks too often. In case you are still unsure about the game, we recommend taking a look at the official trailer released by DarkStone Digital and playing The Mortuary Assistant demo. We are pretty sure that you are not going to regret waiting for this amazing game.

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