The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Characters - The Victims and The Family Members

After Gun Interactive's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released, players wanted to know more about the game's characters. There are two classes in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre: The Victims and The Family, and here you can learn more about its members.

Gun Interactive’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre features two classes: The Victims and The Family. For those interested in learning more about these captivating characters, we explained all the characters in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and classes in this guide.

For those who may not be familiar with the film franchise, the Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre are a group of young college students who are rounded up by The Slaughter Family while searching for Maria Flores. 

The victim characters will be able to stun the killers with items they find, maneuver their way through tight spaces, and unlock doors in an attempt to escape the basement of the Sawyer homestead. The Family members, on the other hand, will be able to stalk and hunt the victims with a variety of tools try to hunt Victims down.

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Who Are The Family Members in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Rather than just being a bunch of identikit goons, the Sawyer Family is actually made up of a variety of deeply disturbed individuals who each have their own unique traits to help them harvest the flesh of their harried quarry. You can catch the Sawyer Family members and their unique abilities below. 

  • The Cook: Ever eager to find raw meat to harvest, the Cook’s Seek ability allows him to zero in on the smallest of noises made by the victims, which makes tracking them down that much easier as a result.
  • Sissy: Well-versed in the substances and compounds of the world, Sissy can concoct a special poisonous dust that can be blown in the faces of the victims or used to contaminate items around the map.
  • The Hitchhiker: Skilled in trap making, the Hitchhiker can lay special traps that not only temporarily stun victims but also alert him as to where on the map each trap has been triggered.
  • Johnny: A true hunter in every sense of the word, Johnny’s Hunt ability allows him to see the footsteps of victims, enabling him to catch up with the victims extremely quickly and unleash a barrage of brutal attacks upon them. 
  • Leatherface: The iconic face of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, the chainsaw-toting Leatherface is the lumbering brute of the Sawyer Family and as such, can use his Maim ability to chainsaw the victims into bits. Beyond that, Leatherface can also dramatically alter the structure of the map too, as he is able to destroy escape passages, barricades and more to reduce the escape opportunities available to the victims. 
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Who Are The Victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Just the very fact that the escapees are called ‘victims’ rather than ‘survivors’ gives you some clue about how long your life expectancy is expected to be against a trio of keen eyed killers. That said each survivor brings their own abilities to the table to help even things up, as you can see below.

  • Connie: Certainly one of the most dexterous members of the group, Connie’s Focused ability enables her to pick a lock much faster than usual without using up the unlock tool. The tradeoff however, is that she’ll lose stamina and her family proximity warnings whilst using the ability.
  • Leland: The jock of the group, Leland’s athletic frame is put to effective use with his Life Saver ability that allows him to execute a stunning charge on a family member in order to disrupt an attack on one of his fellow survivors.
  • Sonny: Something of a keen thinker, Sonny’s Heightened Sense ability lets him not only hear and detect nearby family members, but accurately pinpoint their movements too.
  • Julie: Boasting one of the best abilities in perhaps the whole game as it currently stands, Julie’s Ultimate Escape ability not only makes undetectable by the family for a short time, but it also greatly reduces the stamina drain from sprinting, making it the perfect ability for pushing through to a last minute escape. 
  • Ana: The fearless leader of the group, Ana’s Pain is Nothing ability not only greatly cuts down on the damage she’ll absorb from attacks and falls, but it also provides a temporary immunity to poison as well. 

For more on the game, check out The Texas Chainsaw Massacre release overview on Lawod. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PCs (via Steam).

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