Tinykin Demo Available on Steam! The Full Game Will Be Released on August 30

A great adventure will be waiting for players in Tinykin! This puzzle platformer adventure game will offer a unique gaming experience to players with its interesting concept. The game is named after the tiny minions that you are going to use their unique powers to return to your home planet.

Tinykin will be released on August 30, 2022, for PCs, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. So, we have only a few days left to enjoy it. However, if you are excited about this game and see that it is worth purchasing and playing, then you can consider downloading the demo version, which is available on the game’s official Steam page.

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Tinykin Demo Available on Steam! The Full Game Will Be Released on August 30 2

Tinykin Gameplay and Features

In the game, you are going to control Milo, who arrives on Earth but finds out that everyone has already left. In the meantime, you noticed that time was stuck in 1991, and there were tiny creatures everywhere you went! Your main purpose is to let these tiny creatures, called Tinykins, follow you and use their unique powers to overcome the challenges you are going to encounter.

It is worth noting that you are also a tiny human, which makes everything more challenging for you! Besides regular rooms, you will discover many different environments, such as cities founded by beetles, ants, and other insects. You need to help Milo overcome all the challenges and return to his own planet.

Tinykin will be one of the story-rich puzzle platformer games that offer plenty of unique stories. Players will meet new characters no matter where they go and listen to their stories. Of course, you will be helping some of them for rewards!

Your main goal is to catch every Tinykin you will find in the places you visit. Thanks to their special abilities, you will solve the puzzles and common problems in the cities to progress towards your main goal, which is returning to your planet.

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