Top 10 Winning Tactics for Football Manager 2024

Football Manager 2024 promises to be one of the most immersive football management games to date. With its sophisticated game mechanics and realistic football ecosystem, mastering the right tactics is key to success. Here are the top 10 tactics to dominate in FM24.

If you love playing Football Manager 2024, you probably already know tactics and strategies are clearly the most important part of the game. But don’t worry if you’re not a tactician or technical expert; we’ll show you some of the best formations and tactics that can help your team win on the pitch. Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll find the best Football Manager 2024 tactics here.

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The most important aspect of any successful football club is having a strong, well-balanced squad that can adapt to different circumstances on the pitch. One of the best ways to do this is by having a primary tactic that you use week in and week out while making small adjustments as necessary for the specific matchup.

With the new, more detailed tactics model in Football Manager 2024, it’s easier than ever to create your own custom tactic from scratch. The Create Tactic wizard even provides helpful hints and directions as to how each tactical style operates and clashes with your squad’s players, giving you a greater level of flexibility than ever before.

You can choose countless tactics when you start your career with any club in FM24. We suggest that you experiment with these and others, as each may offer a unique and fun way to play the game while providing a great foundation for your success on the pitch. Just remember to mix it up and use a secondary tactic as well, so you can always have an element of surprise for the opposition. 

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These are the top 10 Football Manager 2024 tactics that will help you dominate your league and take your competition by storm.

1. High-Press Tiki-Taka

  • Style: Emphasize short, quick passes, maintaining possession, and high pressing.
  • Key Positions: Agile midfielders, technically skilled wingers.
  • Implementation: Dominate the game by controlling the ball and pressuring opponents in their half.

2. Counter-Attacking Football

  • Style: Focus on quick transitions from defense to attack.
  • Key Positions: Fast forwards, strong central defenders.
  • Implementation: Utilize the pace of your strikers and the strength of your defenders to catch the opponent off guard.

3. Wing Play

  • Style: Utilize the wings to create scoring opportunities.
  • Key Positions: Skilled wingers, full-backs with good crossing ability.
  • Implementation: Overload the wings and deliver quality crosses into the box.

4. Route One

  • Style: Direct football aimed at quickly moving the ball upfield.
  • Key Positions: Tall, strong strikers, midfielders with long pass ability.
  • Implementation: Utilize long balls from deep to bypass the midfield and create instant attacking opportunities.

5. Fluid Counter-Attack

  • Style: Flexible and dynamic counter-attacking.
  • Key Positions: Versatile midfielders, quick forwards.
  • Implementation: Adapt to the flow of the game, switching quickly from defense to offense.

6. Gegenpress

  • Style: Intense, high-energy pressing after losing possession.
  • Key Positions: Stamina-rich midfielders, aggressive forwards.
  • Implementation: Quickly regain possession after losing the ball.

7. Vertical Tiki-Taka

  • Style: Fast-paced, possession-based play with an emphasis on vertical movement.
  • Key Positions: Creative playmakers, mobile strikers.
  • Implementation: Combine the principles of tiki-taka with direct forward passes.

8. Catenaccio

  • Style: Defensive, highly structured play.
  • Key Positions: Strong central defenders, tactical midfielders.
  • Implementation: Focus on defense solidity, exploiting counter-attack opportunities.

9. Total Football

  • Style: Fluid and interchangeable positions.
  • Key Positions: Technically and tactically adept players in all positions.
  • Implementation: Players swap positions, creating confusion and opportunities.

10. False Nine

  • Style: Deceptive forward play.
  • Key Positions: Strikers with playmaking abilities, supporting wingers.
  • Implementation: Striker drops back to midfield, creating space and playmaking opportunities.

In Football Manager 2024, success depends on a well-thought-out strategy and the right tactics. Experiment with these top 10 tactics to find what works best for your team and style of play. Remember, flexibility and adaptability are key to outmaneuvering your opponents and achieving victory.

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