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Indie Games are often simple and entertaining games. For this reason, many people can have more fun with these games. You can find these fun games on many websites. But among these websites, you can find the best Indie Games on Apart from the best indie games, is a website that includes soundtracks, books, comics, tools, game modes, and much more content developed by independent developers. In this article, we have prepared a list of the 5 best Indie Games on that we have chosen and that we think you can have fun while playing.

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5. Project Kat

Project Kat is a game that has managed to get 5 stars from over 2 thousand players on Project Kat is a story-based horror role-playing game. Since each puzzle has a different result in this game, other possibilities may arise every time you play, but there is always only one result. For this reason, Project Kat is a game that entered our top 5 indie games list.

A high school girl determined to try a very dangerous game is the main role in this game. Your goal is to reveal the secrets of the game, and of course, not to die. Project Kat, which is a game of about 45 minutes, is a game that will be played by those who want to overthink.

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4. Saiko No Sutoka

Saiko No Sutoka is an Indie Game where you try to escape from your serial killer fan Saiko Chan. The only way to escape from the school where you were locked out is to get the key from the safe. Since this key is kept in an encrypted safe, you have to find clues to decrypt it. However, this is very difficult when you have a fan who loves you but wants to kill you. Saiko No Sutoka, which is very difficult to get a single piece out of this school, ranks 4th on our top five indie game list. If you wish, you can read the game’s review article Saiko No Sutoka – Everything About It.

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3. Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers

Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers is a game set in a distant future where arcade halls remain the same as in the 80s. In Arcade Spirits, you are an arcade employee and will try to run from success to success in Esport tournaments. It is a game that you will also look for new friendships and relationships while you are on the Esport team. Let’s not forget that you can customize the look and personality of your character in the game.

Although the demo version of Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers is available for download on, we found the game worth adding to the list. The full version of the Arcade Spirits is planned to be released in early 2022 for PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

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2. Among Us

I think no one left who hasn’t heard of Among Us. The game, which peaked in popularity towards the end of 2020, managed to enter our list at 2nd place. You can play this game, which you can play as multiplayer for up to 10 people, from almost every platform such as Steam, Epic Games, Nintendo Store, and you can also download the game by paying $5 on We would also like to remind you that you can play Among Us on IOS and Android platforms.

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1. Friday Night Funkin’

Here we come to number one on our top five indie game lists. With its music and its sense of fun while playing, Friday Night Funkin has placed first place on our list. I guess there is no need to explain the FNF to you in detail here. But we can say that Friday Night Funkin songs are uniquely beautiful and the most powerful point that connects you to the game. The difficulty level in the game is getting more and more impassable which makes the game more fun. In short, Friday Night Funkin deserves to be the most popular and best Indie Game of recent times. If you wish, you can find more information about FNF in our dedicated article Game Review – Friday Night Funkin’ article.

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