Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods

We have compiled top 6 Planet Crafter mods that you may like.

Planet Crafter challenges players to terraform a barren planet into a thriving ecosystem. The game offers endless possibilities through gameplay modification. Here, we dive into the top 6 Planet Crafter mods that enhance gameplay, making your interstellar adventure even more engaging.

If you haven’t played the game yet, let us introduce it in a nutshell. Planet Crafter is an indie game developed for those who love crafting, survival, and terraforming. You start the game on a desolate planet with the ultimate goal of making it habitable. Through resource gathering, crafting tools and machines, and managing survival metrics, the game evolves as the planet begins to support life.

Thanks to Planet Crafter Mods you can enrich this experience, providing new challenges and solutions to aspiring planet engineers. From better resource management to improved exploration tools, these top six mods are essential for any player looking to maximize their terraforming efforts. Dive into our top 6 Planet Crafter mods list and see how you can tailor your gameplay to suit your terraforming style.

1. Item Stacking

Planet Crafter Mods Item Stacking Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 7

One of the first frustrations many players encounter is the limited inventory space. The Item Stacking mod, available on Nexus Mods, addresses this by allowing players to stack items more efficiently. This mod is particularly useful for long-term resource gathering and extensive crafting sessions, helping players stay organized and ready for any crafting challenge.

2. Spawn Objects

Planet Crafter Mods Spawn Items Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 8

For players who love to customize their environment without waiting to unlock specific items, the Spawn Objects mod, also available on Nexus Mods, is a game-changer. It allows you to instantly spawn any item available in the game, facilitating creativity and experimentation. Whether you need more resources or just want to tweak your base, this mod offers the ultimate convenience.

3. Better Jetpack

Planet Crafter Mods Better Jetpack Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 9

Exploring the vast landscapes of your planet is thrilling, and the Better Jetpack mod, which is available on Nexus Mods, enhances this aspect by improving jetpack functionality. It offers longer flight times and faster speeds, allowing you to traverse your increasingly green planet more efficiently. This mod is perfect for players who want to explore the far reaches of their world without the constant worry of running out of jetpack fuel.

4. Auto Consume Food-Water-Oxygen

Planet Crafter Mods Auto Consume Food Water Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 10

Survival mechanics are core to Planet Crafter, but they can sometimes pull focus from terraforming tasks. The Auto Consume Food-Water-Oxygen mod automates the consumption of these essential resources when they reach critical levels. This not only streamlines gameplay but also allows you to concentrate more on building and exploring rather than constantly monitoring your survival stats. You can find this beneficial Planet Crafter mod on Nexus Mods.

5. Show Next Unlockables

Planet Crafter Mods Show Next Unlockables Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 11

Progression in Planet Crafter is tied to unlocking new technologies and capabilities. The Show Next Unlockables mod provides a clear roadmap of what to expect in terms of upcoming unlocks. This transparency helps players plan their resource collection and base expansion strategies more effectively, ensuring a smoother path to planet transformation.

6. Show ETA

Planet Crafter Mods Show ETA Lawod
Top 6 Planet Crafter Mods 12

Finally, the Show ETA mod, which is also available on Nexus Mods, is indispensable for those who thrive on efficiency. It shows estimated times of arrival (ETAs) for all crafting and building processes. This allows players to manage their time better, coordinating various projects and optimizing the terraforming process to achieve habitability faster.

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