Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats

Using console commands and cheats for Victoria 3 can help you get ahead in the game. Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game that allows you to manage countries through politics and diplomacy. You can also change the world's state and unlock new technologies by using the command console.

Victoria 3 is challenging, especially if you’re new to the game. It may take you hours to complete the game. In order to improve your gameplay, you can use console commands and cheats for Victoria 3.

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game that requires players to conquer the world. The game combines real-world history with strategy. You can build a country and establish a civil government and a strong military to fight off the enemy. But the game can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use console commands and cheats for Victoria 3.

How to Use Commands and Cheats in Victoria 3?

In Victoria 3, you need to turn on debug mode in order to use console commands and cheats. It’s normally disabled by default. Click on the Game tab in your Steam profile and type “-debug_mode” to turn on debug mode. The game will be opened in debug mode.

You can access the command console and enter console commands in debug mode. You can also hover over countries to view their information. You can also switch to another country through the command console. You can also use console commands to bypass unbeatable stages.

Victoria 3 Console Commands and Cheats 2

Command and Cheats Codes

Command NameFunction
add_approval (interest group) (amount)Add an approval rating for a certain interest group.
add_clout (interest group) (amount)Add a clout rating for a certain interest group.
add_loyalists (culture) (amount)Add a loyalist population to your country.
add_radicals (culture) (amount)Add a radical population to your country.
add_relations (country) (amount)Add relations with a certain country.
add_war_support (country) (amount)Add war support with a certain country.
annex (country tag)This command annexes a chosen country.
change_law (law) (country)Change the law in a chosen country.
changestatepop (state’s id)(population type)Change the population size of a state.
disable_aiDisable the artificial intelligence in the game.
enable_aiEnable artificial intelligence in the game.
helpCheck out a list of commands.
Ingore_gorvernment_supportUse this command to ignore government support.
Kill_character (name)Kill a character.
money (amount)Use this command to add money to your treasury.
norevolutionDisable revolutions.
nosecessionDisable secessions.
ObserveSwitch to Observer Mode.
own (province or state region tag) (country)Own a province or state of your choice.
popstatCheck the active population.
portrait editorUse the in-game portrait editor.
province borders (true or false)Enable or disable province borders.
research (technology key)Give a specified technology to a country.
screenshotTake an in-game screenshot.
set_devastation_level (state) (amount)Set the devastation level of a region.
set_pollution_level state region (amount)Set the pollution level of a region.
SettingsUse this command to access in-game Settings.
skip_migrationSkip migration with this command.
switchlanguage (language)Change the in-game language.
tag (country)This command allows players to play as the country of their choice.
test event (event’s name) (x) (y) (state)This command spawns an entity at the provided coordinates.
testobjective (subgoal key)This command tests objectives.
treatyport (state)Unlock a treaty port in a selected state.
VersionCheck out the game’s version.
wagerate (building) (rate)Change a building’s wage.
yesmenThis command makes AI agree to all proposals.

Fast Cheat Mode Cheat Codes

Command NameFunction
fastenactEnable the fast enact mode.
fasthireEnable the fast hire mode.
fastinstitutionsEnable the fast institutions mode.
fastinterestsEnable the fast interests mode.
fastmoblizeEnable the fast mobilization mode.
fastravelsEnable the fast travel mode.
fastrevoultionEnable the fast revolution mode.
fastsearchEnable the fast search mode.

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