Wartales Character Customization Guide

Aside from the combat, there are numerous ways to customize your Wartales character to your liking.

Wartales is a robust open-world tactical RPG that tasks you with leading a band of mercenaries into tense turn-based battles for wealth and glory. Character customization is a key part of Wartales, allowing players to build unique teams capable of winning every fight.

Each character class has its own set of traits that can be prioritized in the early stages of a run, and it’s important to choose them wisely. Character customization in Wartales includes picking the best profession to suit your party, a selection of slick outfits, and the best weapon and armor sets to complement your skillset.

Character customization in Wartales also allows you to create a unique party of characters with distinct personalities and skills. You can customize your characters by selecting the traits that best suit their playstyle, choosing a specific class, and equipping them with specialized equipment.

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How do you Customize a Character in Wartales?

One of the most impressive parts of the character creation process is the ability to create a character that is truly unique and stands out from the crowd. This is done through specialization trees that define a character’s key skillset, each class having unique strengths.

As you play through the game, your character will grow into a more complete individual who can be further customized with skill enhancements and new abilities via the ingenious use of the XP system. This is a big deal, as the ability to level up your characters can make or break the outcome of every battle you enter.

Character Choice – Select The Best Character That Suits Your Gameplay Style

As players level their characters, they can unlock different skills and abilities that will enhance their experience in Wartales. Choosing the right class for each character is key to creating a balanced and effective team capable of defeating opponents in tough battles.

For instance, rangers are well-suited for long-range combat due to their mobility and access to powerful damage-dealing abilities like Wrath and Frenzy. They also benefit from passives such as Valorous Support and Change of Pace that help them to avoid engagements and buff nearby allies each turn.

Another class to consider is the spearman, a versatile choice with a number of unique abilities that can be used for both close-range and mid-range fighting. This class is most effective when positioned near Brutes, Swordsmen, and Warriors that can benefit from passives such as Valorous Team Spirit or Change of Pace.

The spearman can be a very useful addition to the party, providing strong damage-dealing and party support with its long-range weaponry and passives that boost allies’ healing and buff their attack speed. However, it is crucial to keep it out of one-on-one fights because it is easily overwhelmed by most enemy types.

Alternatively, the archer can be a great choice for close-range combat as it is fast enough to outrun most enemies and quickly get into position to take them down with daggers and throw weapons. The archer can also trigger its passives to increase the chance of generating Valour points, which allows it to use special skills without a cooldown.

Traits – Traits Are Important Early Stages

The character customization system in Wartales is quite intuitive, and players will quickly find a system that works well for them. Each character has a variety of different traits that can be selected, and these small bonuses add up to big synergies.

Traits are important in the game’s early stages, as they can help players improve their stats and get more out of their skills. For example, a character with a strong constitution can take more damage from strength-based weapons and gain extra hitpoints in battle.

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Weapons and Armour Choice – Select Proper Weapons and Armours For Your Character

Besides traits, character customization is further enhanced by the ability to choose the weapons and armor they use in battle. This gives players a wide range of options for their characters and helps them adapt to their harsh environments.

Each weapon type in Wartales has a specific attribute, which can be leveled up as the character levels up, giving them more power in their battles. This can make a huge difference, especially as the game gets harder, and allows them to fight easily against powerful enemies.

For instance, a shady hoodie might be a good way to go if you’re looking to get the most out of your melee combat, while a well-placed armored chest can give your ranger the oomph they need to take down tougher foes. Using the right gear can help your character blaze their own trail.

It’s important to remember that each character will have limited stamina; if it runs out, they’ll be forced to rest and heal up. This can be a bit frustrating sometimes, and keeping your team alive long enough to finish bounties or contracts can be difficult.

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Can You Customize a Companion in Wartales?

One of the first things you’ll notice in Wartales is the sheer amount of customization options available. Each companion can be crafted to suit their specific role within your mercenary team.

Choosing the right companions is essential to the success of your mercenary band. They need to be powerful enough to deal damage, strong enough to resist attacks, and able to support each other.

There are many different ways to customize a companion in Wartales, from their skill level to the weapons they carry and more. Each class in the game offers a variety of different options to choose from, and you can even create your own custom class.

You can also add skills and traits to your companions, which will make them even more powerful. These skills and traits can be unlocked from the very beginning, or they can be gained at a later stage.

When you’re building your companions, it’s important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each class. Knowing your class will help you build the strongest possible mercenary team, which can then be used to attack and kill enemies in Wartales.

For example, a warrior will be stronger than a tinkerer because of the fact that they are more suited to an offensive role on the battlefield. They also have more health than a miner and will be able to do more damage, making them ideal for slaying tougher enemies in the game’s open world.

In addition to the different classes, you can also customize your companions by choosing their professions. These professions allow them to perform certain actions that other NPCs cannot do, such as forging armor or picking locks.

You can assign each of your companions a different profession, giving them a unique set of skills and buffs. The professions are divided into a series of categories: Tinkerer, Miner, Cook, Fisherman, Blacksmith, Alchemist, Thief, and Scholar.

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