Wartales Classes Guide - Best Wartales Classes and Tier List

Wartales puts players in charge of a group of hardy companions as they fight their way through a medieval sandbox world. Take a look at the classes in Wartales and find the best class that fits your style.

Wartales‘ combat system involves turn-based attacks and requires careful planning to succeed. So, picking the best character class is essential to building an effective party. Choosing the right Wartales classes will give the warriors access to powerful weapon and armor upgrades and position-altering utility skills.

While one type of enemy may outshine others in certain aspects, a team that plays to each other’s strengths will be unstoppable. This guide will help you choose the best classes and prioritize characters’ upgrades.

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Best Wartales Classes and Ranks

The whole open world of Wartales tasks players with leading a band of mercenaries into tense turn-based battles for riches and glory. Each character class has a different role to play in the team, and choosing the right one will make the difference between victory and defeat.

Here is the list of the Wartales Classes

  • Archer
  • Brute
  • Ranger
  • Spearman
  • Swordsman
  • Warrior
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The best Wartales classes can be changed according to your gameplay style. If you play in a style where you kill enemies from a long distance, The Archer could be the best class for you. 

Because it is the game’s only ranged damage dealer. But its low damage output makes it less effective in combat as the campaign progresses. This class is best for early-game combat, where it can quickly destroy enemies from a distance and provide support with skills like Valorous Support and Barrage.

On the other hand, The Warrior is one of the most versatile classes in Wartales, able to play a range of roles on the battlefield. Their powerful axes can deal large amounts of close-range melee damage while also acting as a tank. 

The Warrior can also be enhanced with skills that increase their defense, making it a powerful option for players seeking to dominate battles. In addition, the Warrior can buff nearby allies each turn with Passive abilities like Team Spirit and Change of Pace.

The Ranger is a dagger-wielding class that has exceptional mobility and can deal a ton of damage from a distance. It can also apply solid debuffs and serve as a support class for the party. This class is ideal for parties with a Spearman or Archer, as the scale of its attacks with Strength.

The Spearman is another excellent class, as it combines long-range weapons with support abilities. It can buff nearby allies each turn and can debuff enemies. This makes it an ideal support class for Brutes, Swordsmen, and Warriors. However, it has a poor late-game tier.

The Swordsman is a melee specialist that deals a lot of damage from up close, but its poor armor leaves it on the squishy side. Despite this, it is still the best class in the game for a party with one tank and two attackers.

Wartales Classes Guide Lawod ss Swordsman
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Wartales Classes Tier List

The medieval RPG Wartales offers players a variety of ways to customize their party. They can craft equipment, visit blacksmiths and alchemists, and apply new skills to create a fighting band that suits their play style. They can also build a base that can serve as a hub for their adventures.

The game features a turn-based combat system that requires careful planning and tactical thinking to win battles. Combat takes place on a grid-like battlefield, and you must position their characters strategically to avoid enemy attacks. You can also use your characters’ special abilities to take advantage of enemies’ weaknesses and strengths.

S TierRanger, Swordsman 
A TierSpearman
B TierBrute, Warrior 
C TierArcher

The Brute and Warrior have similar playstyles to the Swordsman but are less survivable. As a result, they are demoted to the B-tier.

On the other hand, The Archer has good early-game debuffs but scales poorly and is the worst late-game class in Wartales.

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