Wartales Ghost Carcass Guide

In Wartales, you can collect resources to make weapons and gear for your characters. One of the most valuable resources is the ghost carcass, which can be used for a number of purposes.

Ghost Carcasses is a loot item that may allow you to break the monotony in Wartales. They can be deposited on a tanning rack to turn into white leather, which gives you food and reduces your weight.

Ghost Carcasses can be found after defeating a Ghost Pack. These packs appear in odd, fog-covered areas of the forest at night and can be killed to receive their carcasses. While they may seem useless initially, these carcasses have several uses that can help a player and their band of mercenaries thrive in the game’s world.

Ghost Carcasses can be stored at the Trade Post if they are not needed for crafting or to avoid taking up inventory space. They can also be sold at the Trading Post to earn some extra money or traded for other items that can be helpful in the game. Regardless of how players choose to use them, Ghost Carcasses are an important part of the loot in Wartales and should be kept as a resource in the player’s arsenal.

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Ghost Carcasses can be found fog-covered areas of the forest at night

How to Use Ghost Carcasses?

Ghost Carcasses can be used to make Jerky and White Leather in the game’s crafting system.

  • Players must build a meat drying rack in their camp to do this. The recipe for this can be acquired by visiting Highland Trackers’ Camp in Tiltren and talking to the NPCs inside. The next step is to upgrade the rack to level 2 to turn the Ghost Carcasses into jerky.
  • The other way to use the Ghost Carcasses is to drop them in front of enemies to distract them. This can be useful if you are low on health and want to flee a battle that you cannot win.

If you are not a fan of fighting, you can also use the Ghost Carcasses to craft Rimesteel, an antidote for poisons. 

  • Rimesteel crafting can be done at an Apothecary. Rimesteel is a valuable potion that can be used to protect your soldiers against poisons. However, this antidote will not work against poisons from a mages or demons. Therefore, using the appropriate antidote for a particular poison is important. Fortunately, there are several different types of poisons in Wartales, so you can find the right antidote for each one.

Wartales is a gritty medieval squad-based RPG with some fantasy elements. Its gameplay draws on a variety of influences, including XCOM-style turn-based combat and real-time open-world map movement.

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