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What were you interested in when you were 16 years old? Girls, boys, sports, or anything else that is fun? We bet you had diverse interests, but none of them was about starting a business and making money. This is why Parker Anderson is different from most young people.

He learned to code and developed his own game, which you can play with one hand. Today, he is 17 years old, and the paid version of his famous game, Weaponeer, was released on February 14.

Besides PCs, you can also find this amazing game on your mobile application market to enjoy. Anderson managed to develop the entire game on his own, and later on, VoxPop Games decided to support him by republishing his game as a paid game. VoxPop Games is a platform that offers peer-to-peer game distribution and development to gamers, developers, influencers, and streamers.

It is great news that such a platform supports a 17-year-old developer and shows him the way to becoming a professional developer. You can now find Weaponeer on VoxPop Games, Itch.io, and Google Play. The game managed to be really popular in a short time. No doubt, being able to play the game with a single hand contributed to its popularity.

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Players can control the direction of their character with a single button and jump with the other button. As you can see, Weaponeer has a simple concept, which makes it quite fun. Your character will always move in the direction of the sword.

However, despite the simple concept, Weaponeer has quite challenging levels, which players may need to play over and over again. After the success of Weaponeer, VoxPop Games reached out to Anderson and provided support to release the game as a definitive edition.

The definitive edition also includes some exclusive content that players can enjoy a lot. However, Anderson didn’t have any plans to make money from his game. As a result, he wanted to donate the money to a charity. This charity was AbleGames.

Anderson noted that he didn’t develop the game by keeping the players with disabilities in mind. Considering the gameplay, it is one of the most accessible games, even when compared to games that are developed for disabled people.

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However, Mark Barlet, founder of AbleGamers, rejected this idea. He advised Anderson that he should keep at least some portion of this money to support himself and his future development plans. During all these plans and operations, Anderson kept learning more about video game development and level design in the game.

After long discussions, Mark Barlet convinced Anderson to keep half of the income to support himself and his future developments. In addition to this, Anderson is planning to enroll in college, and making extra money from his game will definitely boost his motivation.

Today, Anderson is ambitious about taking part in the gaming industry after he graduates from college. We believe that we are going to hear the name Anderson a lot in the coming years. Moreover, we hope that he will keep developing such great games.

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