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Wild Hearts is an action-adventure game set in fantasy and danger. You can either play solo or multiplayer in Wild Hearts. Here's what you need to do to play Wild Hearts Multiplayer.

Wild Hearts is an actionadventure game set in a world of fantasy and danger. It involves hunting down massive monsters known as Kemono using clues and footprints and then engaging in fast-paced, challenging battles. Playing with people is much more fun because you can revive each other after they die, and the scale of the challenges accordingly. But you have to be careful because you need to make sure that the other players in your hunt are pulling their weight and putting their skills to use.

Wild Hearts is great for catching up with friends and taking down the beasts together. This makes it much more fun to scour Azuma’s landscape for Kemono and learn each beast’s strengths and weaknesses.

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You Can Complete Co-Op Quests in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts features several co-op quests that can be accessed by anyone in the world. These quests will allow you to earn rare loot and resources by completing them, which can be used to craft more powerful equipment.

The game allows up to three players to take on a wide range of monsters in Azuma together. A drop-in, drop-out system lets you join hunts in progress or roam the biomes together. While the game can be played solo, teaming up with friends or random players online is much more enjoyable. 

You can find other players to hunt within Wild Hearts in several ways, including through Hunter’s Gates and Hunter’s Aid. These portals are spread out throughout the game world, and when you interact with them, they will show you five active quests that other players in your region are currently engaged in.

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How to Play Wild Hearts Multiplayer?

You can play Wild Hearts solo, but if you want to enjoy the full experience of the game and hunt down some of the monsters in the world, it’s best played in co-op with friends. You can find players in game’s multiplayer mode and invite them to your quests, or you can create hunts for people to join you.

In addition, you can also use the co-op mode to continue your story progression. While it may be slower than in Monster Hunter, the game’s progression is tied to growing your hub village and crafting Karakuri gadgets and other equipment to help you fight off the monsters in Azuma.

Will Wild Hearts be Cross-platform? 

If you’re a Wild Hearts player who enjoys monster hunting, you may be curious about how to play with friends on different platforms. Unlike other Monster Hunter games, Wild Hearts features a robust cross-play option that allows gamers from PS4, Xbox One, and PC to play in multiplayer with other players.

This adds an extra layer of strategy and difficulty to the experience, allowing you to take on even tougher monsters with the assistance of a friend. The preferences for a co-op-hosted game remain the same for all platforms in a shared game. 

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How to Create A Co-Op Session in Wild Hearts?

Another way to find people to join you in a Wild Hearts multiplayer hunt is to go into your Karakuri stance, then open the menu and select “Campfire” from the options. Once you’re there, click “Play Online” and then choose to search for a session or create your own. Once you’ve created a session, anyone can join that, regardless of whether they own the game. It’s a very simple process; you can even add party tags to your lobby so that it’s easy for friends to join.

You can also use the communication screen to communicate with other hunters and coordinate your strategies for taking down Kemono. Using voice chat and in-game text, you can share information about the location of a Kemono, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to approach a specific challenge. This helps you coordinate your attacks and tactics and increases the game’s social aspect by allowing you to form lasting relationships with other hunters.

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