Wild Hearts All Monsters – Kemono List

In EA Games' new game, Wild Hearts, you will be hunting monsters called Kemono. In this article, you will find all Kemonos and find what you need to know about them.

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Wild Hearts, you might have already heard about the game’s monsters. You’ll be hunting down giant creatures known as Kemono in a fantasy version of feudal Japan called AzumaKemono has infiltrated and ruined the land in this game, and it is transforming everything from flowers to trees into deadly enemies. You play as a nameless hunter, one of the last remaining members of a lost species.

In Wild Hearts, You’ll fight a wide range of Kemono, each with their own unique attacks and elemental affinities. Some will be a challenge to tackle even with top-tier weapons, while others are simply a sight to behold. Here is the list of all the monsters in Wild Hearts.

Wild Hearts All Monsters - Kemono List
Wild Hearts All Monsters - Kemono List 2

Wild Hearts Monster – Kemono List

There are a total of 21 Kemono in Wild Hearts as of launch, and each of these monsters will challenge you to use your skills and Karakuri (special weapons) to hunt them down. These twisted takes on wildlife will test your strength and skill, but you can easily overcome them with some practice.

  1. One of the most prominent Kemono in Wild Hearts is the Lavaback, a monkey-like Kemono that can hurl molten rocks at you and has a strong attack range. The best thing you can do when fighting a Lavaback is to bring something that boosts fire resistance, making it easier to damage the beast. 
  2. Cobalt Lavaback is also a strong gorilla with some steroids.
  3. Another elemental creature you’ll encounter is the Earthbreaker, a bear-like Kemono that can split the earth in two and drive peaks into the sky. The stone giant’s ice-conjuring attacks are also a huge challenge, but if you can chip away at its icy armor, this will give you a chance to get in some damage before it runs off.
  4. Deathstalker is an ice-conjuring wolf that will gain a burst of speed and be able to create ice shields around its body. If you can chip away at its ice armor, then it’ll be easy to take down the Kemono.
  5. One of the most impressive Kemono in Wild Hearts is the Koganebari, which shoots its spines at would-be hunters with surprising speed and precision. It can also create stone pillars out of its tail that can smash into your armor and cause damage.
  6. The Kingtusk is a gargantuan boar-like Kemono that can crush buildings using its tusks. It also has the ability to summon tree roots from the ground to attack foes that are out of reach from its melee attacks.
  7. The Golden Tempest is a ferocious tiger-like Kemono that can use the power of storms to blow away its opponents. It’s also able to wreak havoc on its enemies with somersaults, which can cause a lot of damage.
  8. Sapscourge is another monster to look out for in Wild Hearts. It’s a plant-like Kemono that’s very agile and can stun your hunter with a stinging attack before charging in. The best strategy against this is to avoid its powerful slashing attacks and instead attack with melee weapons like swords. This will give you a better chance of cutting it down and can keep it from regaining its health.
  9. Ragetail is a rat with lovely flowers sprouting all over it, posing a serious threat to all nearby living beings. Ragetail has a sight to behold because it resembles a spore yet has the stem of a tree.
  10. Spinegliders are Flying squirrels that are small and agile, with slim bodies, wide eyes, and bushy tails. They have jade green stone filling their stomach, tail, and wooden horns.
  11. Like Spinegliders, Venomglider is also small flying squirrels and elegant creatures with slender bodies, big eyes, and bushy tails.
  12. Dreadclaw is a giant mutated chicken with a large overgrown tail and beautiful leaves resembling feathers sprouting from the top of its head.
  13. Sporetail is a mold-covered rat that seriously threatens nearby living beings. The rat’s tail is a sight to behold because it resembles a spore-spreading mushroom but has a deformed stem due to its extraordinary thickness.
  14. Goldshard is a porcupine with sharp, hollow, and barbed quills. It is specially engineered to puncture any prey it comes across, including you.
  15. Fumebeak is a gorgeous bird with remarkable black feathers that sparkle iridescently in the sunlight and many poisonous purple-hued pebbles protruding from its body. It has a sharp, curved beak that can readily pierce flesh and pick at weaker Kemono and you.
  16. Icetusk is a massive frozen boar covered in icicles.
  17. Ripclaw, Like Dreadclaw, Ripclaws are also giant mutated chickens with large overgrown tails and cute leaves.
  18. Onyxshard is a porcupine with sharp, hollow, and barbed quills. It is specially engineered to puncture any prey it comes across, including you. However, it also can deploy its element in the fight against those who threaten it.
  19. Amaterasu is named after the Japanese Shinto goddess of the sun, and she symbolizes this characteristic by including another mythical creature associated with the aspects of sunlight, fire, good fortune, and rebirth. It’s another description of a Phoenix.
  20. Emberplume is a bird that symbolizes the flame aspect; however, instead of rebirth, we see it leaning more towards the nurture side. This beast’s flames are also bluer to purple in color, giving it a majestic appearance, especially with all of its tail feathers.
  21. Gritdog is a beast that looks like a badger but is more monstrous than adorable. The Kemono’s tail is the most dangerous component since it is as hard as iron, and you can feel it when you get hit by it. Otherwise, its entire body is fragile and vulnerable to conventional attacks.

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