Wild Hearts Kemono Guide

Check out this article to learn more about Wild Hearts' Kemonos, monsters that impose themselves on the world around them.

Kemonos are monsters that have merged with nature over time, modifying their environment to suit their needs. These beasts can be found throughout Wild Hearts and are the primary foes of hunters in the game. 

Kemonos can be dangerous, but they are also a great source of loot and upgrades for hunters. There are 21 Kemono in Wild Hearts, and while each one varies in size, shape, and attack strength, they all share a few common traits. These are the flora, weather, and environments they possess and how they interact with their surroundings.

You should always be careful when hunting them as they have a strong desire to eat you. If you manage to kill them, they will drop materials that can be repurposed into Karakuri and other tools. This is a great way to boost your experience and gear and provide some hefty payouts of Karakuri Orbs that can be traded for specialized weapons and armor.

You can expect to be taking on a lot of Kemonos, which are wild creatures that have fused with nature’s flora and environment, as well as their own powers and strengths. They’ll attack you with unique attacks and abilities, and they all have several different elemental affinities.

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How to Beat Kemonos in Wild Hearts?

Keeping track of these monsters is important, so you can use their parts to upgrade and create new weaponry and armor. The game’s monsters are a vital part of its ecosystem, as you’ll need to fight them to progress through the story and bring peace to Azuma. 

  1. The best way to defeat these oversized enemies is to carefully craft your weapons and gear to match their weaknesses and attack patterns. This can take a while, especially when you first start out – but it’s an excellent way to get a feel for the weapon types and combos in Wild Hearts.
  2.  Another important factor in a successful hunt is nutrition. The game features a huge array of foods to harvest and cook, each offering different benefits that persist after consumption. Eating multiple foods at once can boost your body, helping you stay strong throughout a hunt. You can even use some of these foods to craft a variety of items, such as potions and items that improve your strength and dexterity while reducing healing times. These can be a great way to shave off some of the time it takes to fight large monsters and are also a fantastic way to get extra loot out of kills.

Kemonos can be incredibly hard to kill, but they’re also a fun challenge for players who enjoy a bit of risk-taking action. It’s important to use a combination of tactics and a wide range of weapons in order to defeat them, from the hulking Bladed Wagasa to the more exotic bows and pistols.

For example, if you’re facing a Ragetail, you must prioritize severing its tail to reduce its effectiveness. Using Karakuri and fire to halt it in its tracks is also important. It’s also important to conserve stamina to perform well-timed dodges and block attacks from its horns. This will help you keep the Ragetail at bay, but if you’re unprepared, you could find yourself getting swarmed by one of its many talons.

Or if you’re facing a Deathstalker, a really cold-hearted Kemono that can summon ice and use its speed and strength to destroy hunters, be sure to research and learn its weaknesses before tackling it. Aside from being a formidable fighter, Deathstalker also can create icebergs to mark its home and is weak to wind elemental attacks. It is also weak to slashing and blunt weapons, so you can easily beat it down if you can find a way to evade its attacks.

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