Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 Free Games

If you often play multiplayer games online on your Xbox, you might already have a Gold membership. In January, you can enjoy four free games with the Xbox with Gold! Thus, we believe you may not want to miss your opportunity to check out these games.

Once you download them, you can enjoy them for a lifetime or until you uninstall them. If you have a hard time deciding which games you should download, check out the following reviews. We have compiled Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 Free Games.


If you are looking for a fun roguelike role-playing game, you need to give it a try to NeuroVoider. The game is offered free of charge between January 1 and January 31, which is originally $13.99. This amazing game was developed by Flying Oak Games and published by Dear Villagers on August 31, 2016.

It offers a fast-paced adventure for players and is full of awesome robots. You are going to find plenty of futuristic weapons, robots, and mechanics in NeuroVoider. In addition, you can play the game together with your friends in local multiplayer mode for up to four players.

One of the best parts of NeuroVoider is that the game has 8736 unique enemies to eliminate. Thus, getting bored while playing NeuroVoider is not a question at all.


Aground is a fun open-world exploration game that offers a great adventure with primitive graphics. This pixel-art game also offers a great survival and base-building experience to players. The game was developed and published by Fancy Fish Games on April 17, 2020.

You can download Aground for free on Xbox Store between January 16 and February 15, which originally costs $14.99. You are going to play as the last survivor in the world and try to create a new life on an island. Players will control a group of survivors and try to build the civilization.

For this purpose, you are going to craft, mine, and build facilities. You are the only hope of mankind, and you need to survive no matter what.

Xbox Games with Gold January 2022 Free Games

Radiant Silvergun

Those who are looking for an old-school shooting game should give a try to Radiant Silvergun. This amazing game will take you back to the old days, where you chill on the sofa while shooting your enemies in space. It was developed and published by TREASURE Co. and released on November 4, 2011.

If you are an old-school player, you should not miss your opportunity to get this game on your Xbox console. Radiant Silvergun is available for free on Xbox between January 1 and January 15. The game originally cost $14.99.

It is the pioneer of scroll shooting games that offer a great gaming experience for the players. In case you are looking for a game to blow things up, then Radiant Silvergun is one of the best alternatives for you.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene

If we are going to talk about the classics, we should not forget about Space Invaders Infinity Gene. This amazing game is also available on mobile platforms, but the Xbox version comes with many bonuses. The game was developed by Taito Corporation and released on September 15, 2010.

This great game is available for free between January 16 and January 31, and it originally costs $9.99. The game offers 143 unique levels to complete, and each level is more challenging than the previous one. Without a doubt, it is one of the best shooter games you can play.

In case you enjoy old-school games, you should not miss your opportunity to get Space Invaders Infinity Gene for free.

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