Amazon Prime Gaming December 2022 Free Games

During December 2022, Amazon Prime Gaming will offer its subscribers five free games. These include Quake, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Spinch, Doors: Paradox, and Banners of Ruin.

During December 2022, Amazon Prime Gaming will offer five free games to Prime subscribers. The list of games will include three blockbuster titles and two more intriguing titles: a colorful 2D platformer called Spinch, a roguelike deck builder called Banners of Ruin, a pixel-art FPS called Quake, a point-and-click puzzle game called Doors: Paradox, and an adventure game called Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons.

The first is the pixel-art FPS Quake, a classic game still played by an active community. It’s the biggest game in the Amazon Prime Gaming free game selection for December 2022.

The second game is a roguelike deck builder called Banners of Ruin. It features turn-based combat and a strange fantasy setting.

The third game is a puzzle game called Doors: Paradox. The name is a bit of a mouthful, but the game has stunning 3D graphics and absorbing audio. It requires players to find objects and navigate various 3D dioramas.

The fourth one, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, is a narrative co-op adventure game from Josef Fares. It features analog stick controls and multiple environments. It’s a precursor to other games, as it explores cooperative gameplay.

The final free game is a point-and-click puzzle game called Spinch. It’s a colorful platformer with crazy graphics.

Amazon Prime members can claim all these games for free on the Amazon Prime Gaming website and windows app.


Quake is a cult 90s FPS game that helped set the standard for its genre. It features dynamic colored lights, anti-aliasing, and an original soundtrack by Trent Reznor. Its storyline follows an ailing father and his sons as they search for the water of life.

Quake is one of the first-person shooter games that helped shape the genre. It’s an older game that still has a lively community of players. It’s also been remastered with updated graphics and anti-aliasing. It also features an original soundtrack by Trent Reznor.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons

One of the games that Amazon Prime Gaming will be offering in December 2022 is the co-op adventure game Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons. It is a narrative co-op adventure game from Josef Fares, the creator of some popular games like A Way Out and It Takes Two.

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons features multiple environments and analog stick controls. It’s a precursor to other games, as it explores cooperative gameplay.

Doors: Paradox

Doors: Paradox is a puzzle game. The game is set in a dark and mysterious world where you’ll need to solve puzzles in 3D dioramas to complete them.

You’ll need to make sure you’re equipped with useful objects and clues while playing Doors: Paradox, and always remember that you only have 5 hours to finish the game. Doors: Paradox may look like a mouthful, but it has stunning 3D graphics and absorbing audio.


Spinch is a psychedelic 2D platformer with crazy graphics, similar to EBOY-style pixel art. It has a character named Spinch who is very quick and has to save his kids from a never-ending invasion of strange things. 

Although the game features turn-based combat, it is generally a point-and-click game. You will definitely enjoy the combination of its EBOY-style pixel art and point-and-click gameplay mechanics.

Banners of Ruin

Banners of Ruin is based on building decks and fighting by taking turns. It is known for being easy to play and having a great interface. The graphics are so promising for a card game where you can fight with up to six party members through the city of Dawn’s Point.

The game will be available for free on Prime Gaming in December 2022 for Amazon Prime members and those looking for a simple yet fun game.

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