Amazon Prime Gaming’s August 2023 Free Games List Revealed!

The lineup of games available to Amazon Prime Gaming members this month includes PayDay 2, Farming Simulator 2019, Blade Assault, STAR WARS: The Force Unleashed 2, In Sound Mind, and more.

Prime Gaming members will be delighted with the August free games selection! There’s something for everyone, from heart-pumping bank heist simulations to immersive agricultural training sims. And that’s not all! You can also get your hands on some amazing in-game loot for popular triple-A games like Overwatch and Fall Guys. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible opportunity to level up your gaming experience with Amazon Prime Gaming August free games.

If you’re a Prime Gaming member in the United States, Canada, Germany, or the United Kingdom, you’ll also be able to play some games for free on Amazon Luna. These games include Batora: Lost HavenSteamWorld QuestSmurfs: Mission Vileaf, and Ys VIII: Lacrimose of Dana

It is not even end! If you’re a fan of Call of Duty: WarzoneDiablo IV, or Fall Guys, there’s new in-game content available just for Prime members.

Amazon Prime Gamings August 2023 Free Games List Lawod
Amazon Prime Gaming's August 2023 Free Games List Revealed! 2

Prime Gaming August 2023 Free Games

August has arrived, and the services offering free games to subscribers every month have started to reveal their lists. We’ve already had the Xbox Live Games with Gold and PlayStation Plus August Free Games revealed, and now Amazon Prime Gaming has its. Here are Amazon Prime Gaming Free Games For August 2023:

You’ll be able to claim the games starting on August 3. And once you’ve claimed them, they’ll be yours to keep forever.

PayDay 2 and “The Gage Mod Courier” DLC – August 3

PayDay 2 is a ban-robbing first-person shooter game that will soon be followed by its sequel, PayDay 3. You can experience an adrenaline-fueled crime spree in Washington with up to four players in this thrilling co-op shooter. 

The game will come with the Gage Mod Courier DLC, which includes 28 weapon modifications and 10 extra achievements.

Prime Gaming members can claim PayDay 2 for free starting from August 3 until the end of the month. 

Farming Simulator 19

Another notable game is Farming Simulator 19, a farming sim that’ll let you work with new machinery and explore land inspired by American and European environments. 

If you’re a fan of this genre of games, you’ll find a lot to enjoy here. It’s easy to get lost in the details and feel a sense of accomplishment when you perfectly cultivate straight lines into your brand-new wheat field. The new graphics engine is a big win for the franchise as well, and it’s going to be even easier to visualize what you’re doing when it comes to building structures.

Prime Gaming members can claim Farming Simulator 19 for free starting from August 10 until the end of the month.

Blade Assault

Blade Assult is a 2D action rogue-lite platformer where you fight against the corrupt military of Esperanza. You can collect different cores and gear to increase your strength and unlock new weapons and abilities to use.

The world-building in Blade Assault is quite good. The graphics and animations are beautiful, with the sci-fi pixel art style shining brightest. Moreover, the music is fantastic, ranging from jazz at the bar to the various stages and boss fights.

Prime Gaming members can claim Blade Assault for free starting from August 10 until the end of the month.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is an updated version of the 2009 Star Wars game. This time you’re a Jedi apprentice who tries to rescue his girlfriend from the Empire. 

It’s a fun enough experience, though it doesn’t feel quite as fresh as the original. Most of the gameplay consists of running through metal hallways and fighting waves of stormtroopers. Occasionally, you’ll use the Force to manipulate things in the environment, but it feels repetitive and pretty much the same as the first game did.

As a huge Star Wars fan, I can say that Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 would be better if the story weren’t so terrible. But since there is a chance to get the game for free, you shouldn’t miss the add the game to your library.

Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 will be available for free on August 17 on Amazon Games app only for Prime Gaming members.


Foretales is a unique take on the deck-exploration genre, where you use cards to advance in the story, resolving combat encounters and exploring. This creates a more problem-solving approach to gameplay, even when fighting enemies, and the result is an entirely original gaming experience.

The game is set in a world of anthropomorphic animals and follows Volepain, a shoebill that has ominous visions of the future. He and his gang must steal a magical Lyre to save the world, using cunning, thieving, or combat as needed.

Prime members will be able to claim Foretales on Amazon Games app on August 17. 

Driftland: The Magic Revival

The destroyed planet of Driftland is held together by a powerful spell after a devastating war between ancient mages. Build up your empire, expand the kingdom, and conquer new sources of magic to bring Driftland back to its former glory!

Driftland: The Magic Revival is a 4X real-time strategy simulation with an innovative concept of dynamic map topography. Taking inspiration from hits like CivilizationPopulus, and Majesty, the game will let you explore a fantasy world filled with floating islands and develop your civilization through research, economy, and magic!

Prime Gaming members can claim Driftland: The Magic Revival for free starting from August 17 until the end of the month.

In Sound Mind

Developed by We Create Stuff, In Sound Mind is an imaginative first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles and unique boss fights. You’ll traverse a series of unsettling memories and fight nefarious creatures as you uncover a complex, traumatic plot that will have you questioning your own mental stability.

You’ll wake up in an apartment building that seems more like a hallucinatory version of reality than an actual one, and it’s clear from the start that something is amiss. Strange barrels filled with volatile chemicals fill the hallways, and shadowy monsters resembling living Rorschach tests stalk the corridors.

It doesn’t take long for you to discover that you’re not alone in this nightmare, as the game features a variety of different audio cues that let you know you’re not alone, even when it’s not obvious visually. These aren’t just cheap jump scares either, as the developer takes the time to create a sense of presence through the sound design in a way few other games do.

In Sound Mind will become claimable for free on Amazon Games app on August 24 only for Prime Gaming members.

Summertime Madness

Summertime Madness feels like a pretty escape room indie game with some borderline cryptic art design and puzzles. It seems like it’s designed to be frustrating, requiring multiple attempts and timeouts in order to get through each area, and it does succeed in that goal.

As an artist who made a deal with the devil, you are stuck forever in painting in Summertime Madness. You will find a way to escape from your prison to get your freedom.

Prime Gaming members can claim Summertime Madness for free with Legacy Games Code on August 31.

How to Claim Amazon Prime August Free Games and Content?

Prime Gaming members can claim these free games starting August 1 by logging into their account and selecting the “Games” tab. They’ll also get access to a new set of in-game content in Dead by Daylight, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Black Desert Online, and Fall Guys. More details can be found on Amazon’s official blog post. If you want to try Prime Gaming out for yourself, sign up for a 30-day free trial here. You’ll never be charged if you cancel within the first 30 days.

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