ARC Raiders Closed Alpha Tests- How to Get In?

Embark Studios released ARC Raiders for the closed ALPHA test last month. This limited alpha is open to curious players who want to be among the first to experience this exciting game. Keep an eye out for details on when the tests began and how to join. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the action!

The PvPvE extraction shooter, ARC Raiders, underwent its first real-world test on June 29. You’ll need to create a Steam account to join in the alpha, and before you join the tests, you should look at the new trailer that offers some brand-new (pre-alpha) gameplay samples.

How to Get in ARC Raiders Closed Alpha Tests?

You can head on over to the game’s official Steam page and click on the “Request Access” button to register for a spot in the closed alpha test. 

After that, just wait for an email from Steam informing you that you’ve been selected to participate in the ARC Raiders playtest and can download the alpha client to try out the action for yourself.

ARC Raiders Closed Alpha Tests
ARC Raiders Closed Alpha Tests- How to Get In? 3

What is ARC Raiders and What Does The Gameplay Look Like

When it was first shown off during the 2021 Game Awards, Embark Studios’ sci-fi third-person shooter ARC Raiders received a generally positive reception from gamers. 

The game was seen as a high-octane explosion-filled machine-apocalypse co-op shooter that would see players team up to battle large mechanical enemies within a grounded sci-fi setting. 

Fast forward to May this year, when a gameplay leak of the Nexon-published title surfaced online that gave players a glimpse into what ARC Raiders‘ moment-to-moment gameplay might actually look like. The response has been far less positive, with many players who were excited about the game prior to its leaked footage losing interest in it altogether.

As for what ARC Raiders actually is, it’s a free-to-play PvPvE extraction shooter set in a lethal future Earth that’s been ravaged by a mysterious mechanized threat called ARC. 

ARC Raiders Closed Alpha ss
ARC Raiders Closed Alpha Tests- How to Get In? 4

In the game, you’ll explore a photo-real world of post-apocalyptic landscapes as one of the Raiders, a group of resistance fighters who’ve survived the robotic apocalypse that’s left this planet overrun by mechanical monstrosities. 

The Raiders band together to fight for survival while scavenging the ruins of civilization for equipment that will help them take on ARC machines and other raiders alike. 

Along the way, Raiders can build and upgrade their equipment, including weapons such as a grappling hook gun, a snap hook, a grenade launcher, and more, all while taking on ruthless ARC robots that drop down from orbit to wipe out humanity.

If you’re a genre fan and want to give ARC Raiders the go-ahead for its full release, sign up for the closed alpha here. The alpha started on June 29. Those selected to take part in the test must sign an NDA to avoid spoilers.

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