Predecessor Heroes Tier List

Success in Predecessor is not only about selecting the highest-tier hero, but also understanding your playstyle and team requirements. This Predecessor tier list will help you to pick the best characters according to your strategy. But keep in mind that the Predecessor meta is always changing, and so should your strategies.

Predecessor is a thrilling MOBA with a competitive landscape where choosing the right hero can make all the difference. Predecessor heroes tier list will give you feedback, and it aims to guide you in picking the heroes currently dominating the meta.

This Predecessor heroes tier list categorizes heroes based on their current performance in the meta, versatility, and overall impact in matches. Let’s dive into the tiers to help you choose the best heroes for your next game.

S – Tier Predecessor Heroes

Serath Prredecessor Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Heroes Tier List 5
  • Serath (Fighter): Serath’s devastating melee attacks and angelic mobility make her a fearsome presence in any fight.
  • Khaimera (Fighter): A relentless jungler, Khaimera excels at single-target lockdown and sustain, making him a top pick for aggressive plays.
  • Twinblast (Ranger): Twinblast’s dual pistols offer rapid-fire damage and excellent mobility, perfect for a carry who needs to be agile in team fights.
  • Drongo (Ranger): With unique gadgets and explosive damage, Drongo can control the battlefield and pick off enemies from a safe distance.
  • Dekker (Support): A versatile support, Dekker provides excellent crowd control and can turn the tide of battles with her energy dome.
  • Feng Mao (Assassin): Feng Mao’s blend of mobility and damage makes him a great offlaner, capable of quick engages and escapes.
  • Gideon (Mage): A powerful mage, Gideon’s area control and high burst damage make him a threat in any team composition.
  • Lt. Belica (Mage): Lt. Belica’s anti-caster abilities and burst damage make her a formidable mid-laner against ability-reliant heroes.
  • Steel (Frontline): Steel’s tankiness and crowd control abilities make him an ideal frontliner, capable of initiating fights and protecting allies.

A – Tier Predecessor Heroes

Phase Predecessor Lawod ss edited
Predecessor Heroes Tier List 6
  • Greystone (Fighter): Greystone’s resilience and area control abilities make him a solid choice for holding lanes and leading charges.
  • Revenant (Ranger): An excellent duelist, Revenant’s burst damage and unique mechanics make him a threat in the right hands.
  • Crunch (Fighter): Crunch’s combo-centric playstyle and high damage output make him a unique and effective fighter.
  • Sevarog (Frontline): Sevarog’s stacking mechanic and versatile skill set make him a formidable tank and damage dealer.
  • Gadget (Mage): Gadget offers strong area denial and poke, making her a great choice for sieging and team fights.
  • Howitzer (Mage): Howitzer’s long-range artillery and crowd control capabilities make him a valuable asset in controlling objectives.
  • Narbash (Support): A supportive drummer, Narbash excels in healing and buffing allies, keeping his team in the fight longer.
  • Phase (Support): Phase’s ability to link with allies and provide support from a distance makes her a unique and valuable support.
  • Riktor (Support): Riktor’s hook and silence abilities make him a threatening presence, capable of isolating and eliminating key targets.

B – Tier Predecessor Heroes

Kallari - Predecessor
Predecessor Heroes Tier List 7
  • Rampage (Fighter): Rampage’s regeneration and initiation skills make him a solid pick for jungle and ganking roles.
  • Zarus (Fighter): Zarus’s adaptability and ranged abilities allow for versatile gameplay, though he lacks the higher tiers’ dominance.
  • Sparrow (Ranger): Sparrow’s scaling and consistent ranged damage make her a reliable carry, especially in the late game.
  • Murdock (Ranger): Murdock’s sniping abilities and global presence give him a unique niche as a long-range carry.
  • Countess (Assassin): Countess excels in burst damage and assassination but requires precise timing and positioning.
  • Kallari (Assassin): Kallari’s stealth and mobility make her a potent assassin, though she demands high skill for effectiveness.
  • Morigesh (Mage): Morigesh’s curse abilities and consistent damage output make her a threat, though slightly less versatile than higher-tier heroes.

C – Tier Predecessor Heroes

  • Kira (Ranger): Kira’s agility and dual-wielding skills offer a unique playstyle but lack the impact of higher-tier heroes.
  • Grux (Fighter): Grux’s crowd control and damage potential are decent, but he often struggles against more versatile heroes.

D – Tier Predecessor Heroes

Shinbi - Predecessor
Predecessor Heroes Tier List 8
  • Muriel (Support): Muriel, while a supportive guardian, often falls short in the face of more impactful supports.
  • Shinbi (Assasin): Shinbi’s damage potential is high, but her lack of utility and survivability place her in a lower tier.
  • The Fey (Mage): The Fey’s crowd control and area damage are useful, but she struggles in the current fast-paced meta.
  • Iggy & Scorch (Mage): This duo’s area denial and poking abilities are overshadowed by more effective mages and supports.
  • Wraith (Ranger): Wraith’s reconnaissance and sniping abilities offer unique gameplay but require a highly skilled hand to maximize effectiveness.

Remember, while Predecessor heroes tier lists provide a general overview of the heroes’ strengths, the best hero is the one that fits your playstyle and complements your team’s composition. Heroes in Predecessor are constantly evolving with updates and balance changes, so staying adaptable and versatile is key. Whether you choose a hero from the S-Tier or the C-Tier, mastering their abilities and understanding their role in team dynamics is what will lead you to victory.

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