Bethesda’s Starfield Smartwatch Leaked

Bethesda is one of the most popular gaming studios and publishers in the world. The company has been working on its open-world space-themed game for many years. Finally, the official release of Starfield is very close, and we are still waiting with great anticipation.

Since the release date of the Starfield is getting closer, there are several leaks about the game. In this article, we are going to discuss one of these with you. There were rumors about a smartwatch with a Starfield theme. The images of this smartwatch are also leaked! Here is what you need to know.

Bethesda's Starfield Smartwatch Leaked 2

As we noted before, there were rumors that Bethesda was going to offer a smartwatch with the Starfield concept to players. The images of this smartwatch leaked. However, it is worth noting that this is unofficial information, and we are still waiting for an announcement from Bethesda.

Considering the leaks, this Starfield Smartwatch is a fully equipped accessory that offers everything a wearer may want. In addition to this, the screen and design match with the concept of the promising game Starfield. This accessory has an Android operating system and can connect to your smart devices via Bluetooth.

How to Get Bethesda’s Starfield Smartwatch?

The leak was announced on Reddit for the first time. Without a doubt, Bethesda takes the game one step further. However, not all players will be able to receive this Starfield Smartwatch. The accessory will be offered to certain players who will purchase one of the editions of the game.

According to the rumors, those who are going to purchase the Collector’s Edition will be going to receive this smartwatch. It is still unknown whether players from all around will be able to receive this item or not. Depending on your country, Bethesda may not be able to provide a Collector’s Edition.

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