Crusader Kings 3 Traits ID

In Crusader Kings 3, you can increase your stats by choosing certain traits. In this article, you will see the specific groups of six traits in Crusader Kings 3.

Crusader Kings 3 has an extensive list of character traits that you can choose from. These traits can either be positive or negative and will affect your decisions and events in the game. We’ll go over the different traits and how each affects a character’s abilities.

How To Open The Console and Enter A Command

To use your traits, you need to open the console and type the given command. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Press the “~” key and access the console. 
  2. Type add_trait [trait ID] to add traits and type remove_trait [trait ID] to remove them.
  3. Here’s an example for you:
add_trait education_intrigue_1
Crusader Kings 3 Traits ID Command Console
Crusader Kings 3 Traits ID 4

Crusader Kings 3 Education Traits

Crusader Kings 3 education traits are the skills your character can have at various game stages. Some are inherited, while others are gained as you grow up. Your educational traits can increase your character’s overall strength when they reach adulthood. Other traits are acquired through events and battles. There are also congenital traits that are inherited from your parents. The chances of your character inheriting a trait will increase with inbreeding, and some traits will show up at birth.

In Crusader Kings 3, you can assign someone to watch your child’s education. You can also make them a guardian. The guardian can be your own child or someone else. If you choose a guardian, the children will become wards of that character. You’ll also receive an opinion bonus if they are your guardian.

Intrigue:education_intrigue_1 | education_intrigue_2 | education_intrigue_3 | education_intrigue_4
Diplomacy:education_diplomacy_1 | education_diplomacy_2 | education_diplomacy_3 | education_diplomacy_4
Stewardship:education_stewardship_1 | education_stewardship_2 | education_stewardship_3 | education_stewardship_4
Martial: education_martial_1 | education_martial_2 | education_martial_3 | education_martial_4
Learning: education_learning_1 | education_learning_2 | education_learning_3 | education_learning_4
Prowess: education_martial_prowess_1 | education_martial_prowess_2 | education_martial_prowess_3 | education_martial_prowess_4

Crusader Kings 3 Commander Traits

Most Commander Traits are earned after an event, and they give your characters a wide range of benefits. They can be extremely useful in battle.

Aggressive Attacker: aggressive_attacker
Flexible Leader: flexible_leader
Holy Warrior: holy_warrior
Logistician: logistician
Military Engineer:military_engineer
Organizer: organizer
Unyielding Defender: unyielding_defender
Cautious Leader: cautious_leader
Reckless: reckless
Forest Fighter: forest_fighter
Open Terrain Expert:open_terrain_expert
Rough Terrain Expert: rough_terrain_expert
Jungle Stalker: jungle_stalker
Crusader Kings 3 Personality Traits ID
Crusader Kings 3 Traits ID 5

Crusader Kings 3 Personality Traits

Crusader Kings 3 has a personality trait system that allows you to customize your character. Your character can have many traits that will give you access to certain events and interactions. Here’s a breakdown of the different traits included in the game:

Calm: calm
Chaste: chaste
Content: content
Diligent: diligent
Fickle: fickle
Forgiving: forgiving
Generous: generous
Gregarious: gregarious
Honest: honest
Humble: humble
Just: just
Patient: patient
Temperate: temperate
Trusting: trusting
Zealous: zealous
Compassionate: compassionate
Lustful: lustful
Gluttonous: gluttonous
Greedy: greedy
Lazy: lazy
Wrathful: wrathful
Impatient: impatient
Arrogant: arrogant
Deceitful: deceitful
Craven: craven
Shy: shy
Ambitious: ambitious
Arbitrary: arbitrary
Cynical: cynical
Paranoid: paranoid
Callous: callous
Sadistic: sadistic
Stubborn: stubborn
Vengeful: vengeful

Crusader Kings 3 Congenital Traits

Crusader Kings 3 contains many congenital traits that you can use to customize your character. While most of these traits are negative, some have positive effects and can help your character deal with stress. These traits are called coping mechanisms.

Melancholic:depressed_1 | depressed_genetic
Lunatic: lunatic_1 | lunatic_genetic
Possessed: possessed_1 | possessed_genetic
Fecund: fecund
Albino: albino
Lisping: lisping
Stuttering: stuttering
Giant: giant
Club-footed: clubfooted
Dwarf: dwarf
Spindly: spindly
Beauty:beauty_bad_1 | beauty_bad_2 | beauty_bad_3 | beauty_good_1 | beauty_good_2 | beauty_good_3
Intellect:intellect_bad_1 | intellect_bad_2 | intellect_bad_3 | intellect_good_1 | intellect_good_2 | intellect_good_3
Physique:physique_bad_1 | physique_bad_2 | physique_bad_3 | physique_good_1 | physique_good_2 | physique_good_3

Crusader Kings 3 Physical Traits

Physical traits are an important part of Crusader Kings 3. They will help you improve your character in different ways. For example, you can increase your combat prowess and attract women by acquiring the strength trait. The traits you acquire during childhood will also benefit you as you grow older.

Shrewd: shrewd
Strong: strong
Scarred: scarred
Dull: dull
Weak: weak
One-Eyed: one_eyed
One-Legged: one_legged
Disfigured: disfigured
Eunuch: eunuch
Crusader Kings 3 Lifestyle Traits ID
Crusader Kings 3 Traits ID 6

Crusader Kings 3 Lifestyle Traits

One of the new features in Crusader Kings 3 is the Lifestyle Traits system. These traits enable players to personalize their characters and gain perks. Characters can choose between 15 different lifestyle traits. Some are more desirable than others. Let’s take a look at what some of the traits do.

Diplomat: diplomat
Gallant: gallant
Overseer: overseer
Strategist: strategist
Administrator: administrator
Architect: architect
Avaricious: avaricious
Schemer: schemer
Seducer: seducer
Torturer: torturer
Scholar: scholar
Theologian: theologian
Whole of Body: whole_of_body
Celibate: celibate
Family First: family_first
Herbalist: lifestyle_herbalist
Physician:physician_1 | physician_2 | physician_3
Blademaster: blademaster_1 | blademaster_2 | blademaster_3
Hunter: hunter_1 | hunter_2 | hunter_3
Mystic: mystic_1 | mystic_2 | mystic_3
Reveler: reveler_1 | reveler_2 | reveler_3

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