Next Month, Crusader Kings III Will Be Released for Console

There is no doubt that Crusader Kings is one of the most popular series on the PC platform. It takes place in the Middle Ages and lets players be one of the famous leaders of the era and let their countries thrive! Thus, it is one of the most exciting and comprehensive strategy games you can play today.

We have some great news for console players since the last of the series, Crusader Kings 3, will be released for consoles on March 29, 2022. The game was originally released on the PC platform back in 2020. Two years later, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players will be able to access this great game on their consoles.

If you have played the Crusader Kings series before, you may have some concerns about playing it on the console. Most players will believe that they will have to lose a great deal of time, which will affect their overall gaming experience. This is mainly because you often check the entire map, focus on small details, and have to go back to where you were.

Considering that you will have to check different continents all the time, it could lead you to waste your time by getting lost on the huge map. However, the developers adapted Crusader Kings 3 to the console very well. In fact, it became much more enjoyable compared to the PC version.

For this reason, the developers made some changes to the interface of the game and introduced new features that are only available on the console. This means that you will not have to travel the map from one edge to another all the time.

Next Month, Crusader Kings III Will Be Released for Console 2

However, this also means that you will be exposed to plenty of information on your screen as well. Thus, it may take some time for you to get used to Crusader Kings 3 on your console if you have played the game before. On the other hand, if this will be your first time, you can consider yourself lucky due to such convenience.

We would like to note that the flow of Crusader Kings 3 is slightly different too. You may have to pause the game from time to time to learn the mechanics or read the information provided to you on your screen. This may seem like a setback, and it can kill your fun, but it is not. You just need to learn the new mechanics, and once you do, you are going to love Crusader Kings 3 on console!

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