Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones Mod (CK3AGOT) – When Is It Coming Out?

Crusader Kings III is a grand strategy role-playing video game set in the Middle Ages. This article includes everything you may want to know about Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones Mod.

Fans like Crusader Kings III mostly because it gives them the feeling that they’re inside the Game of Thrones universe since it is about controlling kingdoms and holding onto territories. Players have total control over the areas they control and how they defend them. 

But this control can be limited if you lose your vassals to your enemies. Thankfully, a Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones mod can help you avoid losing your vassals by allowing you to know when they are at war.

Crusader Kings III Game of Thrones Mod (CK3AGOT)
Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones Mod (CK3AGOT) - When Is It Coming Out? 2

Is there a Game of Thrones mod for Crusader Kings III?

If you love the Game of Thrones series and want to experience the world of the show while playing the game, Crusader Kings III is a perfect choice. 

Like in the series, the game will put you in a fantasy world where you’ll have to fight hard. Its mechanics are ideally suited to recreate the world of “Game of Thrones.” Its gameplay is based on the same rules as the TV show, so you can expect the same level of suspense when you play.

There’s an upcoming Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones mod, which is called “CK3AGOT by the developers. Since it seems like it is still under development, we don’t have much to do but wait. 

The fans of Crusader Kings II liked the CK2AGOT mode and want the same fun with the latest installment, Crusader Kings III. The developer team has been making some Modcon videos to share news about the ongoing development.

When Will Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones Mod Come Out?

The developer team has not shared any news on the possible release date of CK3AGOT. However, they continue to hold mod-cons to ensure that they are on it. Also, there has yet to be any activity on ModDB related to a possible Crusader Kings III: Game of Thrones mod.

It’s a high possibility that the mod’s development has been delayed until sometime in early 2023. Since the beginning of October, the official Twitter account has not spoken about CK3AGOT for more than a month.

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