Deceive Inc. Characters and Agents

Set in a stylish 70's spy cartoon aesthetic, Deceive Inc. is a stealthy multiplayer FPS that blends social deception and subterfuge with gunplay. A couple of characters are in the game, and this article compiles them for you.

In Deceive Inc., 12 Player-agents spawn undercover as NPCs, aiming to act normally to stay undetected as long as possible. This adds a new layer of pressure to each match as you keep track of your surroundings and what moves will be spotted by other agents.

Your mission is to infiltrate, deceive, steal, and extract their objective from other players on the map. Each agent is a master of social deception and subterfuge with unique weaponry, skills, and tricks up their sleeves. These agents are divided into tiers, each with abilities that can make or break your team’s success.

Despite their best intentions, these agents aren’t all who they appear to be. They can’t be trusted, even when they’re at their most vulnerable. The good news is that they can regenerate their faux appearance quickly. Plus, we have some amazing cosmetics to unlock as the game releases.

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Deceive Inc. Characters and Agents 2

Deceive Inc. Agents

There are 8 agents in Deceive Inc.:

  • Chavez: Chavez is a veteran spy who returned to combat for one more mission. Chavez is an excellent pick for rookie players as a vanguard because his skill provides much-needed survival during combat.
  • Cavaliere: Cavaliere is a courageous detective who uses her investigation skills to track out hiding opponents and significant combat skills gained over many years on the job.
  • Larcin: Larcin is a spy who always uses dirty tricks to guarantee his victory. Larcin adds to his devious ways onto the battlefield, holding a miniature handgun that he throws at his opponent if the magazine is empty, dealing extra damage if the gun lands on the opponent.
  • Hans: Hans is a close-range spy who carries a shotgun in his metal arm. As a disruptor agent, Hans’ primary goal is to seize control of a situation and influence how and when a fight breaks out.
  • Madame Xiu: Madame Xiu is a thief who employs trickery to guarantee she always gets the upper hand in combat. Madame Xiu deals little damage, but her crossbow bolts are exceptionally fast.
  • Squire:  Squire likes undetected assassinations to complete fighting. She carries a quiet pistol that allows you to destroy enemy players without waking up the entire map with loud gunfire.
  • Ace: Ace is a mercenary who specializes in long-range sniper rifles. While this rifle allows Ace to do damage from a long distance, it takes a long time to reload.
  • Yu-mi: Yu-Mi is a cheerful spy who sabotages the gadgets of other spies to ensure her life and success. Yu-Mi’s powers as a disruptor are focused on damaging enemy traps while simultaneously replenishing her own gadgets.

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