Deceive Inc. Missions and Maps Guide

Deceive Inc. is a multiplayer stealth and subterfuge action RPG where you play as a secret agent for hire to dispatch on dangerous missions to infiltrate a location and steal the objective.

Deceive Inc is a multiplayer shooter that requires you to become a master of espionage. It also gives you a variety of gadgets to use, including remote cameras, automated turrets, shield scramblers, trip wires, spyglass, and inflatable jump pads. The game offers various missions that you can complete in different locations. There are also different objectives for each mission. These include securing a location, hacking terminals, extracting the briefcase, and so on.

As you make your way through the game, you’ll come across perks that unlock new characters, gadgets, and other bonuses. These perks are split up into different colors, and you’ll need to collect them all to be able to progress in the game. The more perks you’re able to gather, the higher your skill level will be. And that will help you to win more missions in Deceive Inc. Alternatively, you can also buy boosters and in-game currencies from the Shop section of the game to speed up your progress and increase your chances of winning more missions.

Deceive Inc. Hard Sell Map Mission

You’ll explore Garcia’s Super-Villa while attendees and partygoers await a high-profile auction in Operation Hard Sell. Sebastian Garcia, a tried-and-true supervillain, has renovated his house with numerous halls and secret rooms to explore.

Deceive Inc. Silver Reef Map Mission

Silver Reef, a dazzling example of high fashion extravagance and excess, is a hotel resort built to be a pure spectacle but also serves another purpose. This is the only map with two VIP characters, the Evensen twins. Having two VIP characters to disguise yourself as makes it twice as difficult for players to determine who is a player and who is an NPC. Take advantage of this strategy.

Deceive Inc. Diamond Spire Map Mission

Diamond Spire is the most vertical Deceive Inc. map. How you approach investigating the map’s different levels will determine your success throughout the insertion phase. Choose your devices wisely, and you may discover that the increased mobility will allow you to sweep through this tower faster than your competitors.

Deceive Inc. Fragrant Shore Map Mission

Deceive Inc. has assigned you to this task at San Flores, a beautiful tropical port city in the Caribbean. According to Intel, this charming island retreat is also where fragrance expert Luana is creating her latest eau de perfume. It will not only make you smell great, but it will also give her entire power over your thoughts. If you don’t mind agents, follow the scent and extract this toxin.

The Fragrant Shore mission takes place mostly outside. If you find yourself overrun in a gunfight, there are numerous alleyways to take refuge in. When it comes time to infiltrate the vault, you’ll notice fewer places to hide and may encounter a bottleneck that forces you to confront your competing spies. Make sure you look into all of your possibilities for getting into the vault, as the most obvious one may not be the best.

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