Elden Ring is Finally Released! – Here is Elden Ring Beginner’s Guide

The long-awaited open world action-RPG, Elden Ring, is finally released. Here is everything you should know with Lawod's Elden Ring Beginner's Guide. Do not begin play without reading this guide!

Elden Ring was released yesterday. If you were waiting for the game with excitement, Lawod’s Elden Ring beginner’s guide is for you. We tried to cover everything you may want to know about the game. 

Checking for some tips and tricks for beginners may be a great idea. In this way, you can progress faster and overcome the challenges that are waiting for you in the game. Thus, here is everything you need to know about Elden Ring

Runes Are Everything 

The most important mechanics in the Elden Ring are related to runes. You can obtain runes in two different ways. One is defeating your enemies, and the other one is using items. You can level up, strengthen your armor or weapons, and even buy items with runes. 

Rest to Restore Your HP 

In the Elden Ring, players need to rest in special spots called “Sites of Grace.” You need to get closer to the campfire in these spots and activate it to start restoring your health points. Besides health points, you are going to recover your FP and any state, such as poison or frostbite. You will also level up your character in Site of Grace. You can consider these spots your inn. 

Learn Your Controller Settings First 

Besides basic movement, you need a good understanding of your entire skillset and abilities. That is why we highly recommend focusing on learning your controller settings first. Depending on your console, the settings vary. In addition to this, you will have different settings while riding. 

Follow Guidance of Grace When Lost 

If you are not sure what to do next, do not worry. Whenever you leave the Site of Grace, it will guide you with some sparks. These sparks will show you the way to where to go next. However, you do not have to visit the Site of Grace to use this feature. You can always access it from your game menu as well. 


Summon Spirits to Assist You 

When you are around a rebirth monument, you can summon spirits by using ashes. You can summon only one spirit at a time, and you need to be really careful about it. They will leave you once you defeat the boss, their health points reach zero, or you move too far away from the rebirth monument. 

Save Time with Stakes of Marika 

Whenever you die, your character will receive the last Site of Grace you activated. However, there is one exception, which is the Stakes of Marika. If you die around these statues, you have a chance to revive in this area to save time from traveling. You can always check your status icons to see whether there are any Stakes of Marika around you. 

Use Your Map Actively 

Besides viewing your current location and additional information such as buildings or terrain, you can also place markers and landmarks on the map. In addition to this, you can always quickly travel to the Site of Grace whenever you want. However, keep in mind that you cannot access your map while you are in battle. 

Use Special Attacks As Much As You Can 

As the name suggests, special attacks allow you to perform special tricks that will definitely be useful in your battles. Most of them provide you with a superior advantage in any battle. They can also help you to break the stance of your enemies. 

These are the most practical tips and tricks for any beginner. Following them will significantly boost your gaming experience and let you enjoy your time a lot. 

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