Elite Dangerous Beginner’s Guide

Elite Dangerous is one of the amazing open-world space flight simulations that you can play these days. It is also quite an advanced game that offers plenty of features. If you would like to be successful in the late game, then there are some tips that we would like to share with you. 

We highly recommend following all these tips to enhance your gaming experience and progress faster in this popular game. Here are some tips that every beginner must know before they start to play Elite Dangerous. 

Tutorials Are Quite Important.

If you are a usual gamer, then you probably skip the tutorial and believe that you are going to figure it out while playing. Although this may be true for controls, you are skipping plenty of useful information you need to know about the mechanics. 

Therefore, you should not skip the tutorials for Elite Dangerous. Otherwise, you will waste more time and make poor decisions that will affect your overall gaming experience. 

Practice Your Skills Before Playing Multiplayer Mode 

Although you have a chance to play the multiplayer mode after you complete the tutorial, we do not recommend doing so. This will only make you frustrated because you are going to die every five seconds. 

Keep in mind that space is quite dangerous, and other players will not be merciful to a noob. Thus, make sure that you practice enough by playing the solo mode and keep learning more about the game before you dive into the multiplayer mode. 

Elite Dangerous Beginner’s Guide 3

Learn to Dock Properly 

Docking is one of the most important mechanics in Elite Dangerous, and we can promise you that you are going to do it more than a thousand times. Therefore, make sure that you pay enough attention to learn how to dock properly. 

In addition to this, players who dock improperly receive penalties. Sometimes, these penalties can be quite unforgiving, and you will have to lose your resources for nothing. 

Get Ready to Take Notes 

Elite Dangerous is full of the information you need to remember from time to time. You may think that you can check for them on search engines, but this will only waste your time. Instead, we recommend getting ready to take notes. 

Therefore, you may want to keep a notebook around you to take some notes. You can also use your smartphone or any text editor you like. 

Make Friends and Play Together 

If you want to progress in Elite Dangerous faster, you need to make sure that you have a group of friends. With this group, you can overcome challenges and threats faster than usual, which you are going to encounter a lot in the game. 

Remove Upgrades Before You Sell Your Spaceship

You can use your upgrades on different ships by removing and installing them. When you buy a better spaceship, you may want to sell the previous one. While doing so, make sure that you remove all your current upgrades so that you do not lose them. 

In this way, you can keep your valuable upgrades and install them on your new ships. This will help you to save money and time in the long run. 

Trade to Make Money 

If you are planning to make money quickly, then trading is the best option for you. In fact, trading will let you make more money than any other concept or mechanic in the game. For this reason, make sure that you stock the cheapest resources on all the planets. 

Thus, you can sell them at better prices when you visit another planet or solar system. This is an effortless way to make money in Elite Dangerous. 


Serve As a Taxi 

You need a cabin to serve as a taxi and make extra money. If you are going to play as a trader or explorer, you will have to jump from one spaceport to another. When you buy a cabin, you can make a contract with other players and serve as a taxi. 

This will help you take advantage of the free space in your spaceship and make more money than usual. 

Plan Your Adventures In Advance 

If you decide to take every opportunity you find in Elite Dangerous, you can easily get lost in various adventures. Instead, we recommend planning your adventure, developing a plan for it, and sticking to your plan. In this way, you can progress faster, and your efforts will be more efficient. 

Have a Good Playlist 

Since you are going to travel between distances, it is quite easy to get upset when you cannot find anything or cannot achieve your goal. This is why we recommend creating a good playlist to listen to while playing Elite Dangerous. 

In this way, the game will be much more fun for you, and you can eliminate boredom. Moreover, you can also avoid monotonous rides. 

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