Elite Dangerous Update 1.64 Released

Elite Dangerous is one of the amazing space simulation games where you take control of your own spaceship. The game was released by Frontier Developments back in 2015, and since then, it has managed to attract the attention of plenty of space game lovers. The game released an update 1.64 for its Horizon and Odyssey DLCs recently. 

Here is everything that you may want to learn more about Elite Dangerous Update 1.64

Elite Dangerous Update 1.64 Odyssey Content 

The update includes some optimizations in content such as cockpit glass, avatar decals, shadows, rendering, emissive rescaling, planet fine texture, forward lit VFX, galaxy, and system map functionality. It is safe to say that Elite Dangerous Odyssey is more stable right now. 

The update also fixed some crashes and bugs, such as the issue of artificing in the system map when you choose the local view. Instancing crashes, supercruise, and permit-locked HIP 54530 crashes were also fixed. 

If you play the game with a VR set, you will not have to worry about the brightness of the stars anymore. Moreover, your deposit fragments are not going to be stuck inside asteroids either. There was a quantum physics problem, which used to allow multiplayer players to collect the same items. This bug has also been fixed with the update. 

Elite Dangerous Update 1.64 Horizons Content 

Players used to experience a crash when they opened the engineering panel while they were on the ship, but this is not a problem anymore. If you used to experience a crash during the tutorial, this one is also fixed. Accessing the session log is also fixed. We all were experienced this crash from time to time. So it is good to see this crash also fixed with the new update.

The developers also corrected the damage to the thermal conduits. They are going to scale with the ship’s heat now. They can scale between 90 and 150 percent and cap at 160%. 

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