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F1 fans may be keen on F1 23 game simply for a chance to whip around the Las Vegas Strip Circuit in a Formula One car, but there are plenty of other reasons to pick up this year's entry to the franchise.

F1 23 has some big behind-the-scenes changes for more realistic handling and racing while bringing back Braking Point and offering a softer, Drive to Survive-style story mode. Plus, it’s undoubtedly the most accessible Formula One game for newcomers.

A video from Formula 1’s official YouTube channel delivers a fresh look at the F1 23 game Las Vegas track, giving players a glimpse of what to expect when it debuts in the real-life Formula One in November 2023. 

Set at night – just as the real event will be in November – the clip sees a fictional player racing from 22nd place in a three-lap race around the street circuit. From the start line, it’s a sprint down the first straight to a tight, sweeping left-hander before a high-speed complex of Turns 5 to 9 abutting the illuminated Sphere venue.

The video also showcases some of the other new additions to F1 23, including a 35% race distance mode that gives players a middle ground between shorter and longer races. This, plus Red Flags that play a much bigger role in the overall outcome of races and offer the ability to rethink strategies on the fly are all the result of community feedback.

F1 23 Game Las Vegas Track Lawod ss
F1 23 Game Las Vegas Track 2

Other additions include the full 2023 calendar, with November’s Las Vegas Grand Prix added alongside Lusail International Circuit and three legacy tracks – Paul Ricard (France)Shanghai (China), and Portimao (Portugal). A new progression system lets you unlock fancy liveries and racing suits, as well as helmets and gloves, while the return of Braking Point provides a deeper and more engaging single-player experience than last year.

If you’re excited for F1 23 to arrive, be sure to stay tuned to Lawod’s Formula 1 page to read about some of the more exciting new guides and reviews. And if you’re eager to get your hands on it, you can get F1 23 from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live Store, Steam, EA App, and Epic Games.

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