F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings

There is no doubt that F1 Manager 22 will be one of the most comprehensive and detailed sports games. It is the official franchise of Formula 1, and the developers are doing their best to make the game more realistic. Just like in the real world, drivers are rated according to a set of various factors.

If you are planning to field your own team in this great game, then you need to consider a wide range of things, such as identifying talents and determining the potential of the drivers and personnel. Players who want to enjoy long-term success with their teams in F1 Manager 22 must also consider driver ratings, which we have covered in this review.

It is worth noting that F1 Manager 22 is not officially released yet, but we have only four days to enjoy it! The game will be officially released on August 30, 2022, and will be available on PC (Steam)PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings
F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings 4

Driver Ratings Cover F2 and F3 Drivers Besides F1 Drivers

The driver ratings, including current and reserve F1 drivers as well as F2 and F3 drivers, have been released. So, it may be a good time to take your pen and paper to start working on the calculations to build your dream team. You can quickly access this rating list by simply visiting the bottom of this page.

Of course, when management is in question, many new mechanics will be waiting for the players to offer them a dynamic gaming experience. In other words, your success or failure will depend on many different factors. This will make the game much more challenging and prevent it from being predictable, which is good.

Although these are great for players, they also force the players to make challenging decisions and plans. While some players will prefer to invest in instant ability, some players will build a promising team with drivers with long-term potential. This provides a great opportunity to build your dream team according to your own strategy.

F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings ss Pit crew
F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings 5

Driver Ratings and Abilities Are Different in F1 Manager 22

Drivers as well as key staff members have their overall rating in the game. However, you should not consider these ratings as an indicator of their potential or abilities. The skills of the drivers or other key staff members, such as technical chief, head of aerodynamics, or race engineer, have their own skills, and these skills are considered in the calculation of their rating.

Depending on their roles, different skills are considered, and each skill has a different contribution rate. Of course, all these skills will have a direct contribution to the performance of your team. For this reason, although the driver ratings are an important indicator of their success and overall abilities, you may not achieve the desired performance from some drivers.

In other words, you should not consider these driver ratings as the sole indicator of the potential of your team. In addition, all your personnel, including your drivers, will gain experience as they participate in races. As a result of these experience points, you will earn development points, which you can invest in certain skills for that staff.

Of course, your staff will also earn more experience points as they keep winning. Thus, you need to follow a balanced strategy in which you hire personnel with good immediate abilities and good potential to develop in the future.

F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings Hamilton
F1 Manager 22 Driver Ratings 6

All F1 Manager 22 Drivers & Ratings

Here are all the drivers and their ratings as we have promised. Keep in mind that you need to recruit a balanced team that offers a good deal of performance and the potential to enjoy persistent success in the long term.

DriverOverall Rating
Lewis Hamilton90
George Russell 86
Max Verstappen90
Sergio Perez87
Charles Leclerc88
Carlos Sainz87
Lando Norris86
Daniel Ricciardo84
Fernando Alonso85
Esteban Ocon85
Pierre Gasly84
Yuki Tsunoda77
Sebastian Vettel82
Lance Stroll79
Alexander Albon80
Nicholas Latifi73
Valtteri Bottas87
Zhou Guanyu79
Kevin Magnussen80
Mick Schumacher76
Nyck de Vries74
Sebastien Buemi72
Antonio Giovinazzi78
Stoffel Vandoorne72
Oscar Piastri75
Liam Lawson68
Nico Hulkenberg76
Jack Aitken66
Robert Kubica69
Pietro Fittipaldi66
Amaury Cordeel50
Ayumu Iwasa66
Calan Williams66
Cem Bolukbasi56
Clement Novalak63
Dennis Hauger69
Enzo Fittipaldi61
Felipe Drugovich68
Frederik Vesti71
Jack Doohan72
Jake Hughes63
Jehan Daruvala73
Juri Vips70
Logan Sargeant70
Marcus Armstrong66
Marino Sato60
Olli Caldwell64
Ralph Boschung71
Richard Verschoor71
Roy Nissany68
Theo Pourchaire71
Alexander Smolyar59
Arthur Leclerc59
Ayrton Simmons44
Brad Benavides37
Caio Collet55
David Vidales47
Enzo Trulli33
Frederico Malvestiti32
Francesco Pizzi51
Franco Colapinto50
Gregoire Saucy62
Hunter Yeany39
Ido Cohen46
Isack Hadjar59
Jak Crawford59
Juan Manuel Correa50
Kaylen Frederick51
Kush Maini56
Laszlo Toth50
Nazim Azman41
Oliver Bearman65
Oliver Rasmussen48
Pepe Marti42
Rafael Villagomez41
Reece Ushijima37
Roman Stanek57
Victor Martins56
William Alatalo44
Zak O’Sullivan46
Zane Maloney64

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