Fae Farm Farming Guide

Just like Stardew Valley, crops in Fae Farm need to be watered each day until they're ready for harvesting. Seeds that aren't planted by the time a season changes will wither and die.

Fae Farm is a charming and fun farming sim for Stardew Valley fans who want something different. It offers a relaxing experience with many growing crops, animals to befriend, and mines to explore. It also blends magic and fantasy into its gameplay to set it apart from similar titles.

The game features cozy farming mechanics with the ability to cultivate a wide range of vegetables, fruits, and flowers that can be used for recipes or Gold Florins.

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How To Plant And Harvest Crops?

Growing crops in Fae Farm is simple – just place a soil bed on your homestead and plant the desired seed. The crops will grow every day until they’re ready for harvest. To get better results, players can also fertilize their crops. 

Once you’ve gathered enough materials by completing the Saltwater Mines, you can craft Seasonal Soil Beds. With these beds, you can grow seasonal crops even when it is not their season. 

Another thing you can do is turn your base crops into seasonal or fae varieties by using the Garden Table. This is best done when you have three seeds of the same type. Simply place them on a soil bed and use the Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer to change the crop.

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Using Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer To Grow New Crops

In the game, players need to water their crops every day until they are ready to harvest, which takes a specific number of days (four days for turnips). 

The Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer can also be used to fertilize the plants and make them grow faster and bigger. To obtain this fertilizer, players can either buy it from Holly in the Town Center or craft it on a Garden Bench. When a crop is watered, and the fertilizer is in the player’s inventory, they can interact with the crop to transform it into its fae variant.

Once you grow these special crops called fae crops, you can either sell them in the Shoppe or turn them into seeds at the Garden Bench. As you progress in your farming skills, you’ll unlock six different types of fae crops. By using this fertilizer, you’ll also gain access to a fast travel option that lets you teleport to different locations in Azoria, such as your home, the first dungeon, the town, and Spooky Woods.

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Complete Crop Harvest Guide

At the beginning of the game, Mayor Merritt will give you nine turnip seeds to plant on your homestead. You can also buy extra seeds from Holly at the market town for Gold Florins

To grow crops, you need to plant them in soil beds, which can be crafted at the Construction menu using silt, sand, and a Beech Log that can be obtained by cutting down darker-colored trees with your Axe.

Most crops can be grown in basic soil beds, but there are special soil beds that produce seasonal crops if they’re made with Shade Jelly from the Floating Ruins, Flutterwood Log from the Elven Village, or Spriggan Leaf from the Spriggan creatures.

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There are various fertilizers available to improve the growth of crops. For instance, the Zippy Fertilizer can make plants grow at least one day faster, and the Bounteous Fertilizer can increase the number of harvested crops. You can buy fertilizers from Holly at the Town Center or create them at a Garden Table.

Keep in mind that crops will be destroyed when the seasons change, so it’s essential to have enough seeds for future years. Additionally, don’t sell anything that hasn’t been transformed into a Seasonal Crop, as they’re worth much more on the market tables. In fact, converting these crops back into seeds is the best way to sell them in the long run.

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