Fae Farm Romance Guide

Fae Farm, like many cozy RPGs and farming sims, provides players with the opportunity to romance NPCs. To do so, you must give them gifts they appreciate, complete Love Quests, and go on dates with them. This guide will provide everything you need to know about romance in Fae Farm.

Looking for romance options in Fae Farm? Players can build a cozy home and garden, complete quests, battle foes in dungeons, craft items, breed flowers, and even build romantic relationships. Romancing is optional in Fae Farm but can result in new cutscenes and further character development. This guide will cover the basics of how to romance each of the six available characters in Fae Farm.

In Fae Farm, you can build relationships with characters by talking to them and giving them gifts. Each character has different preferences and will ask for specific items every day. By completing these tasks, you can increase their affection for you. This can be done multiple times a day, which means you can become close to them quickly. It’s just like in real life!

Romance In Azoria

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Fae Farm has you escaping to the enchanted land of Azoria, where you can build your own homestead and foster friendships that eventually lead to romance. The game’s characters have a wide array of personalities that can be shaped through conversations, quests, and giving gifts.

Gifting is a key component of getting closer to any of the game’s romanceable characters, which include ArgyleJackNhamashalPepperGalan, and Pyria. Each one has a specific set of items they appreciate the most, and their preferences could change daily.

Once you start flirting with any of the candidates you’re interested in, you can take them out on a date to further your relationship. These special dates will help you build a stronger bond with the character and increase your chances of getting married. It’s worth noting that you can date as many romanceable candidates as you like without worrying about them getting jealous, but you can only tie the knot with one.

How To Get Married In Fae Farm?

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Getting married in Fae Farm isn’t something that many players will likely do for any serious reason beyond checking it off as another thing they can accomplish in the game. But for those who do, Phoenix Labs has made it fairly straightforward. Once you have progressed your relationship to the “Getting Serious” rank and gone on the last date with your romantic partner, you will be given the option to propose marriage when out in town.

If you choose this option, you’ll get to pick from three different wedding outfits for your big day. However, there is a fee of 10,000 Florins that needs to be paid for the ceremony itself. Once your partner accepts the proposal, you both will become Azoria’s newest and most loved couple, and your spouse will deliver a sweet speech that will make your day even more special.

Finding love is not always easy and it takes time to build a strong and meaningful relationship. If you’re trying to woo someone special, it can be challenging, especially if they’re not easily convinced. Luckily, there are some simple and effective ways to improve your chances of success, like spending time with them regularly, helping them with their personal quests, and showing your appreciation by giving them thoughtful gifts.

Argyle – The Frog-Obsessed Potter

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Argyle is a quiet guy who loves frogs and pottery – that’s typically all that you’ll hear him talk about when dating him. He’s available as soon as you arrive in Azoria and can usually be found near Eddy’s shop or up by the river between your house and Central Town. He has a birthday in Winter 23, so be sure to bring him some Shell Bits.

Jack – The Outdoorsman

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A sports-loving outdoorsman, Jack is available as soon as you arrive in Azoria and will happily share all about his hometown of Hibervert. He loves talking about his many brothers. As such, it’s no surprise that he can get rather boisterous during conversations. He likes gifts foraged from nature, refined from trees, and a brown snail on his birthday.

He can usually be found in the left room of the Inn during the afternoons or evenings. Typically, he’ll congregate with the other romance candidates there.

Pepper – The Foodie Fisher

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Pepper is an enthusiastic home cook who loves sharing her favorite dishes with others. She’s very interested in learning about the player’s culinary skills, and she’ll frequently ask the player for certain foods such as fish jerky, mushroom jerky, or nut butter. Pepper can usually be found wandering around town, or she’ll hang out at the central market during the daytime.

Nhamashal – The Prim And Proper Fae

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One of the first romanceable characters players encounter in Fae FarmNhamashal is a silver-spoon-fed fae that’s both prim and proper. Having grown up in a manor and enjoying a life of prestige, he’s often seen as pompous and elitist. He’ll make jabs at the player over dinner and will often insult them with their lack of manners but he’s also got expensive tastes, which see him asking for refined minerals and ores to please him.

Galan – The Avoidant Adventurer

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One of the potential romance candidates is Galan, who shows up once the whirlpools are dealt with and can be found wandering around Azoria. He’s a fierce warrior who came from the Republic of Sagnow, so there are plenty of interesting things to learn about him. He’s also a fan of baked mac and cheese and candy corn, which makes him a great candidate to marry.

Pyria – The Goth Girl Scholar

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Pyria is an adorably dark fae who seems to be quite introverted and often lost in her own thoughts. She is an avid bookworm and collector of ancient scrolls, and her favorite gifts seem to be books and green tea. She is unlocked when A Watery Wonder is completed and Neppy removes the whirlpools around the town.

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