Farmers Steal Tanks – An Indie Game Upon The Heroic Footage of russian Illegal Invasion of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has caused many tragedies over the last few months. But as we all know, the internet does what it does. Many memes have been made since the beginning, and some of them have even been posted by some authorities. One of the funny and memorable things is that Farmers Stealing Tanks. It is an browser game made by PixelForest.

Farmers Stealing Tanks is a game where you steal tanks and secure them in your backyard. That might sound weird, or even bizarre. But it is not far from reality, actually. A video was posted on Twitter back in February showing Ukrainian farmers stealing russian tanks with their tractors. The video got a lot of media attention. People are still speculating about the truth of the video. But the fact is that the footage shows how Ukrainians are defending their homeland.

Farmers Steal Tanks lawod

PixelForest said, “I received some suggestions on monetization and all that. But it will be free. So, what do we do in the game? It is straightforward: you steal tanks with tractors. You have three health points which you can recover by taking out helicopters. You can also have some Nemiroff Vodka to boost your speed. If you lose your tank, don’t worry. You can run to your home and save your score. 

Farmers Stealing Tanks has decent graphics, considering it’s a browser game. While trying to survive and steal the tanks, Ukraine melodies will be your company. 

The game takes several tries to get used to. But overall, it’s a pretty fun game. In the end, a screen with your score and “Glory to Ukraine” is shown. We have put a gameplay video on our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to check it out.

All gags aside, PixelForest has made a game that reminds us of this hilarious event that happened in times of tragedy. We recommend you try this game out. And remember, farmers in Ukraine towed Russian APCs with A TRACTOR! And of course, don’t forget to support Ukraine. There are a lot of options below on Farmers Stealing Tanks‘ official page on itch.ioSLAVA UKRAINI!

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