Helldivers 2 Scout Striders Guide

Learn how to defeat Helldivers 2 Scout Striders, two-legged armored vehicles piloted by bots.

Helldivers 2 Scout Striders are a common enemy that can be encountered frequently in the Automaton operations. They can be encountered as part of personal orders or when taking on bot missions of higher difficulty. To take them down effectively, it is important to have a strategy in place. In this regard, we have prepared a Helldivers 2 Scout Strider guide to help you defeat Scout Striders quickly and efficiently.

What is a Scout Strider in Helldivers 2?

Scout Striders are nimble, four-legged mechanical beasts that roam the battlegrounds of Helldivers 2. Crafted by the game’s antagonistic forces, these units are designed for reconnaissance and quick assaults. Unlike their heavier counterparts, they prioritize speed and agility over firepower, making them elusive targets. However, don’t let their slender frame deceive you; they’re equipped with lethal weaponry capable of taking down unsuspecting players. Understanding their behavior and weaknesses is key to surviving encounters with these agile adversaries.

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Where to Find Helldivers 2 Scout Striders?

If you are looking to take down Scout Striders, then you need to visit planets where bots are being battled. However, they can’t be found on bug-infested worlds as they are exclusive to the Automatons. 

You will come across them mostly on planets with medium to high enemy activity levels. They are commonly encountered in missions that require players to infiltrate enemy territories or defend strategic points. 

Moreover, certain campaign missions and special events may feature a higher number of Scout Striders, which will challenge players to adapt their strategies to come out on top.

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How to Beat Scout Striders in Helldivers 2?

When facing a Scout Strider, it is important to note that it is resistant to bullets from the front. Trying to shoot it head-on with regular weapons won’t cause any significant damage unless you have access to very powerful Helldivers 2 equipment or explosives. However, the robot piloting the Strider is exposed at the back, making it vulnerable to attacks from that direction. 

The most effective way to take down the Strider is to get behind it and eliminate the pilot robot, which has very low health and can be defeated quickly with any weapon. 

Alternatively, deploying a grenade under the Strider’s feet or using one of Helldivers 2 best stratagems will also do the job effectively. Remember that Scout Striders are only tough from the front, so be strategic and aim for its weak spots to succeed in your mission.

Scout Striders in Helldivers 2 can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can overcome them. To do so, you need to understand their strengths and weaknesses and prepare accordingly. This will help you turn these encounters from obstacles into exciting battles. Every fight against Scout Striders is a chance to improve your skills and become a better Helldiver.

We hope this guide has given you the knowledge and strategies you need to face Scout Striders in Helldivers 2. As you move forward, keep exploring and trying new tactics with Lawod’s Helldiver 2 guides.

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