Helldivers 2 Hunters Guide - Where To Find and How To Kill?

To help you defeat them with ease, and complete any relevant orders or challenges, here is where you can find and kill Hunters in Helldivers 2.

The highly anticipated sequel to the cooperative shooter hit, Helldivers 2, has finally landed, bringing with it an arsenal of new challenges, enemies, and gameplay mechanics. Among the myriad of threats waiting to test your mettle, the Hunters stand out as a formidable foe that requires both strategy and firepower to overcome. In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the dangers of alien planets, focusing specifically on how you can kill Helldivers 2 Hunters.

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What are Hunters in Helldivers?

Helldivers 2 Hunters are a type of bug that you will encounter on any Termind planet, regardless of the difficulty level. These creatures are easily recognized by their pale color and red frills. Although they are small, they are incredibly quick and agile, and can cause significant damage when in large numbers. They can slow you down and repeatedly attack you, making them a formidable foe.

Where to Find Helldivers 2 Hunters?

If you’re looking to hunt down Helldivers 2 Hunter creatures, you can find them on any planet infested by Terminids. To locate them more easily, focus on missions in the yellow sectors of the galaxy map on your Destroyer. These creatures can be found patrolling or in Terminid nests on any difficulty, but they are less common on Trivial and Easy. If you want to increase your chances of encountering them, try playing on Medium difficulty.

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Hunters can be found in various environments throughout Helldivers 2, but they are most commonly encountered in missions involving high-value targets or during specific campaign events. To effectively engage Hunters, it’s crucial to choose your battleground wisely:

  • Open Areas: While it may seem counterintuitive, engaging Hunters in open areas where you have a clear line of sight can be advantageous, allowing you to spot and deal with them before they close in.
  •  Defensible Positions: Choosing a location with natural choke points or areas that can be easily defended with turrets and mines can help you manage the Hunters’ mobility.
  •  Near Objectives: Hunters often patrol mission objectives, so be prepared for an ambush when approaching your goals.

By understanding the terrain and mission parameters, you can anticipate where Hunters might appear and prepare your strategies accordingly.

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How to Kill Helldivers 2 Hunters?

When it comes to defeating Helldivers 2 Hunters, any primary or secondary weapon should do the job as they have weak health and no armor. 

One shot from the Breaker, which is considered one of the best weapons, can easily take down a Hunter. Also, even a small weapon like the Redeemer machine pistol can do the trick with a couple of bullets. 

As Hunters tend to gather in groups, it can be difficult to target them individually, so using a Machine Gun or Stalwart and spraying in their direction can be a viable strategy. 

However, on higher difficulties, you may need to rely on a sentry Stratagem to deal with more powerful enemies.

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Defeating Hunters also requires a mix of tactical awareness, firepower, and teamwork. Here are several strategies to help you take down these elusive adversaries:

  • Stay Mobile: Hunters thrive on stationary targets. Keep moving to make it harder for them to land their attacks.
  • Use Area-of-Effect (AoE) Weapons: Weapons that can damage multiple targets or cover a wide area are particularly effective against Hunters, especially when they group together.
  • Invest in Cloak Detection: Some equipment options allow you to see cloaked enemies, making it easier to spot and eliminate Hunters before they can strike.
  • Focus Fire: When playing in a team, concentrate your fire on one Hunter at a time to quickly reduce the threat level they pose.
  • Utilize Traps and Mines: Setting traps can be an effective way to deal with Hunters, especially in narrow corridors or choke points.

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