Helldivers 2 Bile Spewers Guide

Learn how to defeat the fearsome Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2 with our expert tactics and gear recommendations. Master your strategy for victory.

In Helldivers 2, a challenging universe is waiting for players to explore where they have to face a variety of hostile alien forces. Each of these adversaries has unique abilities and strategies that can thwart missions. One of the most dangerous adversaries is the Bile Spewers, grotesque creatures that can turn the tide of battle with their corrosive attacks. This guide has been created to equip you with the knowledge and tactics you need to survive encounters with these dangerous foes. It will help ensure your success in the ongoing interstellar war.

What are Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2?

Bile Spewers are not your ordinary foes. These creatures have a unique style of attack, spewing a stream of highly corrosive bile. This bile can deplete your health rapidly and damage your equipment. It’s crucial to recognize a Bile Spewer to ensure your survival. They are characterized by their massive size, slow movement, and the unmistakable gurgling sound that precedes their attack. Their presence in the battlefield requires a quick and strategic response, as underestimating them can lead to mission failure in no time.

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Effective Strategies to Combat Bile Spewers

Bile Spewers and Bile Titans can both attack from range by vomiting corrosive acid streams. Many players believe that these attacks do damage over time, but in reality, if you get caught in the middle of one of these attacks, you die instantly. Even if you are wearing heavy armor with extra padding, your chances of survival are zero.

To avoid getting hit by the acid, never stand directly in the line of fire. Bile Spewers have low mobility, so you can easily dodge their attacks by diving to the side or running sideways. Another way to avoid the attack is to use the LIFT-850 Jump Pack stratagem, which allows you to jump over the Bile Spewer.

It’s best to bait the Bile Spewer into attacking because they become stationary for a few seconds while attacking. This gives you enough time to thin the herd or reposition yourself for a better vantage point to target their weak points. Remember to take advantage of their stationary state to avoid getting caught in the acid attack.

When facing a Bile Spewer, simply relying on firepower may not be enough. To neutralize this threat, consider implementing the following tactics:

  1. Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance from the Bile Spewer during combat to more effectively dodge their bile attacks.
  2. Use Elevated Terrain: Take advantage of elevated terrain or obstacles that can block the bile stream to gain a vantage point where you can safely attack without being hit.
  3. Focus Fire: When fighting in a group, coordinate with your teammates to focus fire on the Bile Spewer. Their high health pool means they can take a lot of damage, so concentrated attacks are essential to take them down quickly.
  4. Deploy Shields: Deployable shields can offer temporary protection against the bile stream, giving you time to either retreat or counter-attack.

Remember to gear up and load your weapons before facing a Bile Spewer.

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Gear and Loadout Recommendations

To deal with the threat in Helldivers 2, you don’t need to call in an expensive Orbital Precision Strike that destroys everything in the area. Instead, you can use several primary and support weapons that can quickly take out a Bile Spewer. Consider your in-game progress and unlocked Helldivers 2 weapons to choose the best one.

When facing a Bile Spewer, there are a few weapons that can be particularly effective.

  • The GL-21 Grenade Launcher, for instance, deals explosive damage that can be especially deadly against the creature’s weak abdomen.
  • If you’re looking for something more precise, the Anti-Material Rifle is a good choice for taking out a Bile Spewer with a single headshot.
  • The AC-8 Autocannon is also a good option, as it only takes two shots to bring down a Bile Spewer.
  • Another option is the GR-8 Recoilless Rifle, which can penetrate the creature’s armor with a shot to the face.
  • Finally, the SG-225 Breaker Shotgun is another solid choice, particularly when attacking from the front. In fact, many players consider it to be the best primary weapon in the game.

To enhance your survivability against Bile Spewers, you can also consider the following gear and loadout adjustments:

  • Anti-Armor Weapons: Equip weapons that are effective against armored targets. Bile Spewers are heavily armored, making standard firearms less efficient.
  • Strategic Use of Stratagems: Air-dropped munitions and support equipment can turn the tide of battle. Precision airstrikes or anti-tank mines can be particularly effective against these lumbering beasts.
  • Mobility Enhancements: Speed is of the essence. Equip gear that enhances your mobility, allowing you to swiftly dodge bile streams and reposition for counter-attacks.
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Where to Find and Fight Bile Spewers

If you’re looking to find Bile Spewers on Terminid-occupied planets in the eastern sectors of the galaxy, you’ll need to play on Medium difficulty level or higher. This is because heavily-armored enemies like Bile Spewers won’t appear on lower levels. It’s worth noting that taking on these bugs solo is not ideal for Helldivers 2 players. For the best chance of success, increase the difficulty to 5 (Hard) or higher, then complete a Terminid Eradication mission. This should give you the opportunity to kill around a dozen of them.

Bile Spewers tend to appear in specific mission types and environments. Recognizing these patterns can help you prepare accordingly:

  • Swamp and Jungle Terrains: These creatures favor dense, vegetated areas where their camouflage and attack style are most effective.
  • High-Value Target Missions: Bile Spewers often guard crucial objectives, making them a significant obstacle in missions with high-value targets.

By understanding the habitats and mission contexts in which Bile Spewers are most likely to appear, you can preemptively plan your strategy and loadout to counter them effectively.

Encounters with Bile Spewers in Helldivers 2 are a true test of a player’s tactical acumen and adaptability. By employing the strategies outlined in this guide, along with preparing the appropriate gear and loadout, you can ensure your squad’s survival and success in the face of this corrosive threat. Remember, the key to overcoming Bile Spewers lies not just in brute force, but in strategic thinking, teamwork, and an understanding of the enemy’s weaknesses. Prepare well, and you’ll turn these daunting encounters into just another stepping stone towards victory in the war for the galaxy.

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