How Do You Unlock New Strikers in Omega Strikers?

Omega Strikers is a fun and dynamic free-to-play game in which players compete to score goals, and the game features fast-paced action and a growing cast of colorful characters. Its developers, Odyssey Interactive (former leads from League of Legends developer), are bold enough to ask the question, “What if League of Legends characters sat down to play three-on-three soccer?” The answer is a cheerful footbrawl that will continue to evolve with new Strikers, stages, and unlockables.

At the beginning of their time in the game, each player is given four strikers. They are Juliette, Kai, Dubu, and Estelle, and they are the main characters. After that, characters must be purchased from the in-game market.

In Omega Strikers, there are two ways for you to acquire new Striker characters. First, you can start by acquiring Striker Credits, a currency obtained by completing Missions and engaging in gameplay. Second, you can purchase Ody Points, the game’s premium currency, with real money to acquire new Strikers.

How Do You Unlock New Strikers in Omega Strikers Lawod ss
How Do You Unlock New Strikers in Omega Strikers? 2

The Latest Update of Omega Strikers Brings Two More Characters

The latest update of Omega Strikers adds two new characters to the Omega Strikers’ character roasterOctavia and Vyce. Both characters have a very different kit and approach to the game, but both are capable of putting up impressive performances.

In addition to the two new characters, this patch includes a number of fixes and improvements. For example, the Atlas Lab barrier no longer explodes when it is picked up by an enemy player. 

Additionally, iOS users should no longer experience massive framerate drops during Tempo Swing awakening. 

Lastly, the end-of-match screen in non-English languages no longer displays weird debug text.

If you’re a fan of the game, be sure to follow the official YouTube channel for updates and gameplay videos. You can also find a wide variety of Omega Strikers codes, which you can use to unlock various rewards in the game. To redeem a code, open the Store menu in the top-left corner of the screen and then select Coupon. Enter the code into the text box and then click Submit to collect your rewards.

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