Omega Strikers Characters Guide

Omega Strikers features a total of 15 playable characters, with each one having its own unique abilities and playstyle. Choosing the right character will make or break your success in the game.

Omega Strikers is a free-to-play 3v3 soccer/hockey sports game developed by Odyssey Interactive. Players can fight off their opponents, secure Goals, and KO them all in the name of glory.

The game features a soccer-like gameplay where the first team to score five goals wins and has a wide array of characters, each with different abilities that let them offer both defensive and offensive advantages in a knockout-style match where the first team to score five goals wins.

There are 15 characters in Omega Strikers, and each of them has different abilities. Some of them perform better as a goalie or forward, while others can be used as both.

Omega Strikers Characters List

The 3v3 sports-based fighter has two primary roles: Goalkeeper and Forward. While any character can technically be played within either role, some are better suited to one than the other. To help you choose the best characters to suit your playstyle, we’ve created a list for the top goalkeepers and forwards in Omega Strikers.

  • Forward: Forwards are the attackers in the Omega Strikers world, focusing on rushing and attacking opponents before they can prepare their defenses. Juliette and Estelle are among the best in this category, thanks to their speedy, aggressive playstyle.
  • Goalkeeper: Goalkeepers are responsible for stopping strikes from reaching the Core, and Dubu is the best in this category. This hamster is exclusively played as goalie, with his massive body able to stop attacks in their tracks and reflect offensive routes. He also boasts a secondary that creates a barrier of bowls filled with noodle soup (fitting for the guy who has “TOFU” etched on his belt), which can block strikers and deflect damage from enemies.
Ai.MiGoalkeeper/ForwardThe Girl Who Glitched
AsherGoalkeeperThe Unbreakable Wall
AtlasGoalkeeperThe Steadfast Protector
Dreak’ArForwardThe Intimidating Invader
DubuGoalkeeperThe Endearing Defender
EraForward/SupportThe Empowering Enchanter
EstelleForwardThe Stunning Sniper
JulietteForwardThe Eager Rookie
JunoForwardThe Curious Explorer
KaiGoalkeeperThe Natural Superstar
LunaGoalkeeperThe Chaotic Rocketeer
OctaviaForward/SupportThe Sonic Virtuoso
RasmusForwardThe Captivating Playmaker
RuneGoalkeeper/ForwardThe Shadow’s Force
VyceForwardThe Electrifying Rocker
XForward/SupportThe Eccentric Brawler
ZentaroForwardThe Wandering Blade

Best Omega Strikers Characters

The first player on this list is Estelle. This character is fast and dangerous, allowing players of any skill level to thrive. She can predict where a rebound shot will end up by using her ability to blink. Moreover, she can double-hit the Core with her other skills. In addition to these skills, she can also deflect the Core from afar with her ultimate ability.

Another great character is Asher. This bruiser can easily destroy any team by dominating the battlefield with her pathfinder and breakthrough abilities. She can even block enemies’ attacks with her bamboo log. Moreover, she can block the Core with her teleportation ability, which is very useful for a forward.

The next character on the list is Juliette. This striker is one of the best in the game, as she can easily score with her primary ability Flying Phoenix, and secondary ability, Fiery Fist. Her ability to push the Core with Light jabs and strike it with a Heavy roundhouse kick makes her one of the most powerful forwards in the game. Her skills and abilities make her a good choice for players of all levels. In addition to her great killing potential, she also has some excellent scoring capabilities. Her dash is one of the best in the game, and she can even stun opponents with her special attack.

Juno is a new character that’s currently teasing her way into the public eye. While her kit isn’t as powerful as the other top characters, it can still be effective. Her Bewitching Beam skill can shrink enemies, while nearby allies will grow larger and stronger. Her piercing shot can hit multiple opponents or the enemy core, which is particularly useful for attacking the other team’s goal.

Era is another top character, as she can buff and debuff enemies with her Bewitching Beam. This makes it easier for her to kill opponents or even clear out the Core. Her kit is also very powerful, as she can score with her Piercing Shot and Crystal Thorn. Her Magic Maelstrom special is a powerful way to push the Core in for a goal or to kill unsuspecting players.

Omega Strikers Characters Guide Lawod ss
Omega Strikers Characters Guide 2

Omega Strikers Characters Skills

In addition to boosting speed, some characters also offer unique mechanics that allow them to take advantage of the geometry and physics of the arena. 

Having a good understanding of the game’s physics and geometry will help you get better at positioning your characters to win. You can even find a few tips that will help you improve your gameplay and make the most out of each character.

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