How to Create a Palworld Dedicated Server?

Discover how to create your own Palworld dedicated server on Steam with this easy-to-follow guide, enhancing your gaming experience with friends.

If you’re looking for a more personalized multiplayer Palworld experience with a large group of players, creating your own Palworld dedicated server could be a great option instead of joining a dedicated Palworld server. This lets you have more control over the game settings and allows you to customize the gameplay to your liking. Creating a Palworld dedicated server is also a great way to bring your real-life Pals together and enjoy a unique gaming experience.

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Every Stage of Creating Palworld Dedicated Server

There are several stages of setting up a Palworld dedicated server, as you find below. But don’t worry setting up a dedicated server on Palworld via Steam is considerably easy and allows you to either play privately with your friends or be joined by people from around the world.

Stage 1: Setting Up on Steam:

  1. Launch Steam: Open your Steam client and navigate to the Library tab.
  2. Access Tools: Ensure that the Tools box is checked under the Games and Software section.
  3. Find the Server Tool: Search for “Palworld Dedicated Server” in your Steam library.
  4. Launch and Configure: Start the Palworld Dedicated Server tool. Here, you’ll have options for server configuration.

Stage 2: Using SteamCMD:

  1. Install SteamCMD: This is a command-line version of the Steam client, used for hosting servers.
  2. Download Server Files: Use specific commands in SteamCMD to download the necessary server files for Palworld.
  3. Start the Server: Once the server files are downloaded, execute them to start your server.

Stage 3: Additional Steps for Windows Users:

  1. Router Configuration: Log into your router as an admin to configure port forwarding (usually port 8211).
  2. Find Your IPv4 Address: Use the command prompt to find your computer’s IPv4 address.
  3. Setting Up in Palworld: In the game, select ‘join multiplayer game’ and enter your IP address followed by the port number.

Stage 4: Inviting Friends:

  • Share your server’s IP address with your friends to invite them to join. Remember to be cautious about who you share this information with for online safety.
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Step by Step Setting Up A Palworld Dedicated Server

Before we start, ensure you have Palworld installed via Steam. This guide is for PC players, as creating a dedicated server is currently a Steam-exclusive feature.

Step 1: Launch Steam and Get Set

First things first, open your Steam client. Your adventure begins here. Go to the Library tab, where all your games and tools reside.

Step 2: Finding the Right Tool

In your Library, you’ll notice a section for Tools. This is where the magic happens. Make sure this section is visible and ready to use.

Step 3: Discover the Dedicated Server Tool

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Now, type “Palworld” into the search bar. Among the results, you’ll find the “Palworld Dedicated Server” tool. This is your key to unlocking your private Palworld universe.

Step 4: Installing the Server Tool

Select the Palworld Dedicated Server tool and hit the install button. Watch as it sets up the foundation for your server.

Step 5: Launch and Configure

Once installed, it’s time to launch the server tool. A black command prompt window will pop up, signaling that you’re on the right track.

Step 6: Port Forwarding Like a Pro

Here’s a bit of a technical step, but fear not, it’s easier than catching a Pal! Log into your router as the admin. You’ll need to forward a specific port for your server. Typically, this is Port 8211, but feel free to choose another if needed.

Step 7: Your IP Address – The Gateway

Using the command prompt on your PC, type ipconfig to discover your IPv4 address. This address is the gateway for your friends to join your Palworld server.

Step 8: Final Touches in Palworld

Now, open Palworld and go to the multiplayer option. Choose to join a multiplayer game and type in your IP address followed by the port number. For example, if your IP is, you would type

Step 9: Inviting Your Friends

For your friends to join, they’ll need your specific IP address. Share it with them, but be selective for safety’s sake.

Step 10: Start Your Palworld Adventure

Once everything is set up, and your friends have joined, your personalized Palworld adventure begins! Explore, build, and battle together in your custom world.

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Some Important Notes You Should Keep Them In Mind

Please keep in mind that this guide is specifically for the Steam version of Palworld. In case you encounter any issues, you can consult the official Palworld tech guide for helpful troubleshooting tips. Additionally, it’s important to note that character data is linked to the server where they were created. This means that if you switch servers, you may lose some of your progress.

Third-Party Hosting Options

Third-party hosting is a convenient option for those who don’t want to set up their own servers. These services come with a monthly fee, but offer ease of use, reliability, and various customization options.

Character Data Considerations

It is important to note that your character data in Palworld is connected to the server you play on. If you stop playing on a server, you may lose your progress.

Why Create a Palworld Dedicated Server?

Imagine a world where you can play Palworld exactly the way you want, with your own rules and your favorite people. That’s the magic of a dedicated server. It’s like having your private playground in the Palworld universe. Here, you can team up with more friends than the standard multiplayer allows, adding a whole new layer of fun and cooperation.

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