Palworld Coal Guide – Where To Find, How to Get and Farm Coal in Palworld

Are you looking for a way to get and farm Coal in Palworld? Palworld is a unique and captivating game where survival, crafting, and creature collection intertwine to offer an immersive experience. Some of the resources in the game are essential to crafting items and building. One of them is Coal, and it is not just a resource to tame some of your Pals but also a key component in crafting items and building structures. 

It’s also not as easy as just hitting any random rock in Palworld to find Coal. You must have the ability to differentiate it from similar-looking rocks, and it’s usually present in hot environments. That is why we prepared this Palworld Coal guide to illuminate the paths for you on how to locate and gather Coal in Palworld.

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Palworld Coal Guide - Where To Find, How to Get and Farm Coal in Palworld 6

What is Coal in Palworld?

In Palworld, Coal plays a vital role as one of the most essential resources. It is the primary source of fuel for various crafting stations and machines, which are necessary for creating a wide range of items, weapons, and structures. 

Besides being useful as a fuel source, Coal is also a crucial material for crafting certain items and upgrades, making it a must-have resource for players who wish to progress and survive in the game. 

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Coal Locations in Palworld

To farm Coal in Palworld, you need to find a location with rich resources, build a base there, and assign the right Pals to automatically obtain Coal for you.

First, choose a place to build your farm base. The best Coal farm locations in Palworld are at specific coordinates in Twilight Dunes (-158, 091) and (-96, -120). The first location is west of the Anubis boss, and the second is southeast of the Anubis boss battle and near the coast. We’ve marked the exact locations on the map below to help you.

However, before building a base at these locations, we recommend learning how to survive the desert. The extreme fluctuations in temperature can catch you off guard. Also, since the first location is quite exposed at ground level, you should take measures to protect your base once built.

Once you’ve chosen a location and built all the necessary items, such as storage boxes, you need to assign Pals with the Mining and Transporting ability to the base. You can check if your Pal has one or both of these abilities by looking at their details in your Palbox.

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After assigning the Pals, they should automatically begin mining Coal if there aren’t any other jobs around for them to do. If they start to wander, you can pick them up and throw them at a deposit to assign them to that specific one.

Where is the Best Base Place For Coal?

The Sealed Realm of the Guardian is the best place where you can find some excellent coal deposits. There is one such deposit located south of the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance, on top of a large cliff. This deposit contains six coal ores and eight regular ores, making it a great spot for farming.

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How to Get Coal in Palworld?

To get Coal in Palworld, you need to locate Coal deposits, which are characterized by their dark color and angled appearance. It is recommended to use a Metal Pickaxe for mining Coal deposits as it is much easier than using a lower-level tool.

Here are some of the best places to find Coal deposits in Palworld:

  1. Mount Obsidian: This volcanic landscape has numerous Coal deposits, but it can get hot, so be sure to wear protective clothing. Coal deposits can be found in large numbers near the mountain’s base.
  2. Dungeons: Although Coal deposits are not as plentiful in Dungeons, they can still be found, so keep an eye out for them.
  3. Twilight Dunes: The desert located at -160, -114 has a considerable amount of Coal deposits, and it is less dangerous than Mount Obsidian.

Certain creatures in Palworld can assist in Coal mining, making them valuable companions in gathering resources. These creatures can mine faster and more efficiently than you can.

Players can also trade with other players or NPCs to obtain Coal, which is particularly useful for those looking to save time and effort in manual resource-gathering.

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Palworld Coal Guide - Where To Find, How to Get and Farm Coal in Palworld 9

How To Farm Coal in Palworld?

Farming Coal in Palworld requires a strategic approach and the utilization of all available methods to gather Coal. Here are some tips to maximize your Coal farming efforts:

  1. Invest in Mining Tools: High-quality pickaxes can significantly increase the speed and efficiency of mining Coal. Investing in these tools early on can pay off in the long run.
  2. Utilize Creatures: Identify and tame creatures that are adept at mining. These creatures can accompany you on your expeditions and help gather Coal more efficiently.
  3. Explore Thoroughly: Be on the lookout for new and unexplored areas rich in Coal. Expanding your search beyond the common locations can lead to bountiful harvests.
  4. Regular Visits: Coal deposits respawn over time. Regularly revisiting known Coal-rich areas can ensure a steady supply of Coal.
  5. Trade Wisely: Engage in trading with other players or NPCs to acquire Coal, especially when your mining expeditions are less fruitful. Sometimes, trading can be the quickest way to replenish your Coal reserves.
Palworld Coal Guide Lawod ss
Palworld Coal Guide - Where To Find, How to Get and Farm Coal in Palworld 10

What You Can Craft or Build with Coals in Palworld?

Coal in Palworld has several crucial uses in the mid and late game stages. Two Coal and two ore can be used to create one refined ingot at an improved furnace, which requires 100 stone, 30 cement, and 15 flame organs. 

Refined ingots are a better source of metal for your equipment, but you’ll need to build a production assembly line first. You will need 100 ingots, 50 wood, 20 nails, and 10 cement to make most items with refined ingots. 

Some of the things that use refined ingots include:

  • rifle ammo (1 refined ingot and 2 gunpowder), 
  • shotgun shells (1 refined ingot and 3 gunpowder), 
  • refined metal armor (30 refined ingots, 15 leather, and 2 high-quality cloth), 
  • refined metal pickaxe (30 stone, 40 wood, and 10 refined ingots), 
  • refined metal axe (30 stone, 40 wood, and 10 refined ingots), 
  • refined metal spear (36 stone, 18 wood, and 10 refined ingots), 
  • double-barreled shotgun (30 refined ingots and 7 polymer). 

You can also use the same production assembly line to turn 2 coal into 1 carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is used in items such as: 

  • the Giga glider (20 refined ingots, 100 wood, 20 carbon fiber, and 10 high-quality cloth), 
  • legendary spheres (10 palladium fragments, 5 Pal metal ingots, 3 carbon fiber, and 5 cement), 
  • assault rifle (40 refined ingots, 10 polymer, and 30 carbon fiber).

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