Palworld Anubis Guide – Where To Find and How To Catch

Discover the secrets of capturing the mythical Anubis in Palworld, a rare Ground-type Pal. Learn where to find it and the strategies for a successful capture.

Palworld is an action-adventure survival game that has recently become one of the most popular games. The game takes place in an open world inhabited by animal-like creatures called “Pals”. You can explore, harvest, and craft items, as well as catch and raise “Pals” to fight, as you did in Pokemon. In Palword, many Pals are available to catch, but some of them are very difficult to obtain, and one of them is Anubis.

Anubis is a Ground-type Pal that does not spawn in the wild, so you need to know how to find it and catch it in the game. Unlike other Pals, Anubis cannot be found roaming around the vast areas of the Palpagos Island. However, there is a way to catch it, but it requires a lot of patience and preparation. Keep reading to discover more about Anubis and learn where to find and how to catch it.

Palworld Anubis Overview

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Anubis is one of the most popular creatures in the Palworld game. It’s a Ground-type Pal, with a mythical appearance and strong in-game abilities, making it a highly desirable companion for players. 

Anubis’ unique attributes add to the game’s story and make playing it more enjoyable. It has a visual appeal that reminds players of iconic characters from other games, and its strength and elegance make it stand out in the game.

Palworld Anubis Stats and Skills

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As we mentioned before, Anubis is an SS Tier Ground-type Pal and boasts impressive stats that set it apart in Palworld. Its balanced attack and defense capabilities make it a formidable opponent in battles. But what truly makes Anubis stand out are its unique skills, each designed to provide strategic advantages in various combat situations.

Anubis boasts an impressive array of stats and skills, making it a valuable asset in any player’s lineup. These skills range from powerful ground-based attacks to agile evasive maneuvers, reflecting Anubis’s versatility on the battlefield.

  • Element Type: Ground
  • Potential Drops: Bone, Large Pal Soul, Innovative Technical Manual
  • Work Suitability: Handiwork (Level 4), Mining (Level 3), Transporting (Level 2)
  • Partner Skill: Guardian of the Desert
  • Food Level: 6/10

Strengths and Weaknesses

Ground-type Pal Anubis is a strong Pal against Electric-type Pals but weak against Grass-type ones. You should include Pals like MossandaRobinquill, or Mammorest in your roster to make sure you are well-equipped.

Anubis can be found in the desert. So, to be prepared for the desert’s harsh conditions, you will need to gear up with the strongest guns you can craft, along with plenty of ammo, Legendary Spheres, and both Heat and Cold Resistant clothing.

Once you catch Anubis, you will see how it can be an excellent teammate. Its Guardian of the Desert Partner Skill applies Ground damage to the player’s attacks and increases the chances of Anubis dodging hits in battle.

Speaking of catching Anubis, where can you find it, and how can you catch it?

Where To Find Anubis in Palworld?

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Anubis is located in a remarkable and exceptional spot in Palworld, which offers you a thrilling adventure. To locate Anubis, you must embark on a journey to the Twilight Dunes, a mystical and challenging environment. But remember, you will need to navigate through diverse terrains and climates to reach Anubis, so be prepared for that.

The search for Anubis is another test of endurance and strategy. You must be equipped to handle both the scorching heat and the freezing cold of the Twilight Dunes, as we mentioned before. The rarity of Anubis’s appearance adds to the excitement and allure of the hunt, making the discovery of this Pal a truly rewarding experience.

How To Catch Anubis in Palworld?

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If you’re planning on facing Anubis, you’ll need a team of strong Pals, good weapons, high-quality Pal Spheres, and plenty of ammo. While you can fight Anubis with a Three-Shot Bow like I did, it’s better to craft guns.

The key is to avoid Anubis’ strong attacks and fight from a distance. Your Pals should deal most of the damage, especially Grass-Element Pals like Mossanda, Robinquill, Elizabee, Dinossom, and Broncherry, as they are particularly effective against Anubis.

Anubis may occasionally get trapped in vines, which is a good opportunity to throw a Pal Sphere, but only when you’ve depleted enough of its health. Ideally, you should only throw Pal Spheres when Anubis has under 100 health to increase your chances of catching it. When Anubis starts to get low on health, pull your Pals out of the fight and finish Anubis off yourself. Be careful, though, and keep an eye on the damage you’re doing, as you might accidentally defeat it.

To catch Anubis, use a Legendary Sphere (though they’re expensive to craft) or an Ultra Sphere. Lower-quality Pal Spheres have only a minimal chance of catching Anubis, even when it’s low on health.

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