How To Reset the Skill Tree in Forgive Me Father?

Forgive Me Father comes with a wide range of skills that allow you to make your character as powerful as you want. But in some games, it is possible to make a mistake in planning to build a skill tree for your character. In these cases, you may want to reset the skill tree to rebuild it. The question is, can you reset the skill tree, and if so, how to reset the skill tree in Forgive Me Father?

The skill tree in Forgive Me Father allows you to gain new skills for your character, such as increasing the amount of ammo you can carry or developing your favorite weapon to make it more powerful. If you are not happy with how you spend the skill points you gain, you may want to reset your skill tree to rebuild it. 

Unfortunately, Forgive Me Father does not allow you to reset your skill tree, even though there are some games that allow you to do it. The only way to reset your skill tree in Forgive Me Father is by deleting your save and starting the game from the beginning.

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