Forgive Me Father Abilities Guide

Forgive Me Father is a great shooter game, not only for its stunning cartoonish visuals and mechanics but also for the heroes in the game. We thought it would be great to share the guide abilities of these heroes with this Forgive Me Father Abilities Guide.

As you know, there are two protagonists that you can play with in Forgive Me Father. One is Priest and the other is the Reporter. They have also different abilities, of course. Now let’s check them out by starting with Priest Abilities and continuing with Reporter Abilities.

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Priest Abilities

In general Priest’s abilities are less crowd-control based. But these abilities have shorter cooldowns in-between uses.

  • You’ll find yourself many clashes in Forgive Me Father and get a lot of damage from enemies. To heal yourself as a priest, you’ll use Crucifix. The Priest raises a crucifix to heal himself. It takes a second to heal 20 Hp at the start and has 3 charges.
  • Aspergillium also known as Holy Water, is the other ability you want to use. Splashes holy water from a ceremonial aspergillium which stuns the enemy for a short while, about 5 seconds at rank 1; has decent range and can hit multiple enemies if they’re in a line. It has 5 charges.
  • Necronomicon is another ability that provides a few seconds of complete invulnerability, except for falling out of the stage. Rank 1 is 7 seconds but takes one second to cast, so realistically it’s 6 seconds. It has 2 charges.
  • Medallion gives infinite ammo to the Priest for the duration of the ability, 3 seconds at rank 1. It has 2 charges.

Reporter Abilities

In general, the Reporter’s abilities are more crowd-control based compared to Priest. However, the Reporter’s abilities have longer cooldowns in-between uses.

  • You can summon a sword of golden light which deals high damage per swing and heals you for 10 with every hit. Unfortunately, as cool as this sounds, it’s easily the worst skill in the game since it still requires pinpoint precision when swinging and you oftentimes get hit by enemies when getting close enough to hit them. The skill that actually made me want to make this guide.
  • You can pull up your camera which gives off a bright flash of light and stuns nearby enemies. A wider area is covered than the priest Apsergillium, but its range is much worse as well. Also has a 30-second cooldown between uses, which Aspergillium does not have.
  • Voodoo Doll causes a small explosion around you, dealing enough damage to kill most weak enemies; good when being cornered. The range is about the same size as an explosive barrel at rank 1.
  • You can also light up a cigarette to slow time for a few seconds for all enemies. Rank 1 lasts about 5 seconds.

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