Forgive Me Father Enemies and Heroes

We wouldn’t be wrong if we said, “Forgive Me Father is the best indie FPS game that you can play right now.” After its initial release, many people liked the game itself and its cartoonish visuals. In our previous article, we discussed the most important element, weapons, which makes Forgive Me Father a good first-person shooter game. In this article, we will take a look at the heroes you can play with and the enemies you will have to beat on your FMF journey.

If you haven’t read our Forgive Me Father Review article, you should read it before you read this one. You can also find everything about the game on Lawod’s Forgive Me Father tag. 

Forgive Me Father Enemies

Enemies are one of the main characters in video games. Actually, enemies are the elements that make a game enjoyable and fun because we are fighting against them. The harder bosses mean the more challenging game, and the more challenging game means the more enjoyable game. We can say that Forgive Me Father is a rich game in terms of enemies it includes. For now, there are 19 enemy types in the game as follows: 

  1. Wretched: a pitiful corpse possessed by the devil.
  2. Fat Fish: an ugly, green, and fat merman.
  3. Kamikaze: a monster mimicking a drum can.
  4. Liquidator: a common enemy that first appears in the Garden.
  5. Squad leader: a frontline commander who leads a unit of monsters.
  6. Fisher: a half-fisherman who boasts a huge body.
  7. Patient: a person who embodies inner madness.
  8. Ca’tharsis: as an indescribable existence. It is the boss of world 1.
  9. Ghoul: a monster roaming the graveyard.
  10. Dark Bone: an evil ghost lurking in the fog.
  11. Martyr: a cursed altar that enshrines the evil god.
  12. Yellow Cultist: a cult believer who worships the evil god.
  13. Sewer Creature: a merman who hides in pollution and aims for prey.
  14. Swamp Man: a mad man lurking in a swamp.
  15. Sewer Cultist: a cult believer who worships evil gods who lives in swamps.
  16. Gobbler: a bizarre predator that devours its victims.
  17. Crab-man: a monster that fuses humans and crabs.
  18. Azyzz: a cult leader who worships the evil god. It is the boss of world 2.
  19. True Believer: residents of a village that worships evil spirits.
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Forgive Me Father Enemies and Heroes 2

Forgive Me Father Heroes

Heroes are another important elements that make a game great. Although Heroes can vary according to the story of the game, we always wanted to have an excited protagonist in the games we played. If we have more than one hero in a game, they probably have different abilities. In Forgive Me Father, you have two heroes that can be chosen from, Priest and Reporter.

  1. Priest has abilities that are less crowd-control based but has shorter cooldowns in general.
  2. Reporter has abilities that are more crowd-control based but has longer cooldowns in general.

Here are all Forgive Me Father enemies and heroes for now. The game is still getting updates from its developer, Byte Barrel, which is perfect to have a constant update to the game. In this way, they keep the game alive. If you want to learn more about Forgive Me Father, stay tuned to Lawod. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter.

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