How To Upgrade And Use Every Tool in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farm simulation game that allows players to move around and work at their own pace. We want to tell you about every tool and its upgrades in Stardew Valley.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can get more tools, you may have heard that you can upgrade Stardew Valley tools. These tools can help you in many ways, including cutting wood, digging holes, and watering. Clint, the blacksmith in Pelican Town, can help you with the upgrades. There are some simple tips you can follow to increase the quality of the tools you use. Here are all the tool-by-tool upgrade tips in the following lines:

Axe Upgrade

The Axe is a tool that you will use throughout the game. Wood and hardwood are always in demand, but they take stamina to cut. An axe upgrade can be a big help, especially early on. It can take two seasons, but it can provide a quick quality of life boost.

The upgraded axe will allow you to chop down trees with fewer hits. This will also make it easier to clear large stumps, an excellent hardwood source. Clint, the blacksmith, will take a couple of days to upgrade your axe.

Hoe Upgrade

You can upgrade your Hoe at Clint, the blacksmith. The Hoe will be more beneficial for gathering winter forageables. You can also upgrade the Hoe to break big rocks and meteorites. An upgraded hoe is great for tilling multiple squares at a time.

Pick Axe Stardew Valley Lawod ss
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Pick Axe Upgrade

The Pick Axe is a handy tool in the game, and upgrading your axe gives you various advantages. It will allow you to chop down a larger tree with fewer swings and make it easier to gather wood from larger stumps. This upgrade will boost you significantly in the early and late game when you need to collect wood fast.

Trash Can Upgrade

The Trash Can is a tool that lets players dispose of unwanted items from their inventory. The cost of trash can upgrades differs. Basic trash cans cost one thousand gold, whereas higher-level trash cans cost two thousand gold. 

However, you can also upgrade your trash can to a higher level by spending more gold. The upgrade benefits are different depending on the tool you choose. To upgrade a trash can to a higher level, you must collect five other materials. These materials include copper, iridium, and steel.

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Watering Can

The Watering Can is the first tool a player will use in the Valley, but it can be upgraded. To do this, you must visit Clint the Blacksmith in Pelican Town, where he will talk to you about your options.

Stardew Valley has two types of watering cans: basic sprinklers and quality sprinklers. The former cost 600g, while the latter cost 4,000g. While the former may be cheaper, you won’t get the same quality. In addition, the basic sprinkler is made of plastic, which is sensitive to direct sunlight. In addition, it can grow mold if placed in a dark, humid place.

In Stardew Valley, you can upgrade your watering can to be more effective. At first, you’ll only be able to hold a few drops of water in your watering can, but with further development, you’ll be able to carry much more water.

Scythe Upgrade

The Scythe is a unique item in Stardew Valley that benefits the player. It helps them with combat and farming. It can be found at the end of a dangerous path. Players can interact with a statue to pick it up, which then warps them to the mine entrance.

The scythe is an essential tool in the game and can be upgraded over time. The scythe can be used to chop grass and other vegetation and cut young trees. It is a necessity for harvesting certain crops, including hay. It is also useful as a weapon, though it does not do much damage.

Fishing Rod Upgrade Stardew Valley
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Fishing Rod Upgrade

The Fishing Rod lets players catch various aquatic creatures and is equipped with a reel and bait. It’s important to remember that fishing is important in Stardew Valley because it gives you a lot of money from catching, completing bundles, and giving artifacts to the museum.

To get a fishing rod upgrade, you need to spend 1,800 gems. The fiberglass fishing rod, which costs 1,800g, offers a slot for bait and a larger green bar in the catching mini-game. In addition, it makes the fish bite more easily and reduces the chance of finding trash. You can also craft fishing bait from bug meat to improve your catch rate.

Copper Pan Upgrade

In Stardew Valley, the Copper Pan is a tool that can help you gather ores. The copper pan can also be used to find coal. The amount of items you can find depends on your luck. You can get it by completing the Fish Tank bundle or buying the “Panning” skill in the Joja Community Development Form.

Upgrading your pan will increase the number of items you can get via panning. Clint can also sell it. You can also buy the iridium version, which increases the number of treasures and ore you can get per panning spot. The iridium version of the Copper Pan is compatible with the Better Panning mod.

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The Volcano Forge

Players can improve their tools and weapons in Stardew Valley by going to the mysterious Volcano Forge on Ginger Island. To access the Volcano Forge, players must complete dungeons. These dungeons can be quite lengthy, so it’s a good idea to prepare beforehand with food, healing items, and a warp totem.

The Volcano Forge lets players add magical enhancements, such as increasing their speed or defense to their weapons and tools by using crystals and gemstones. Using this forge is surprisingly easy, and it opens up new possibilities.

Some enchantments can only be applied to tools, while others can be applied to both tools and weapons. Each enchantment has its own effect, and you can choose the best one for the task.

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