Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes and Rewards

Get ready to flex your gardening skills and earn some awesome rewards in the Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes event. For the next couple of days, you can score free dice, stacks of cash, and sticker packs just by playing the game. Keep reading to find out all the cool stuff you can unlock!

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What is Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes?

Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes is an innovative twist on the classic Monopoly board game, designed to bring a fresh and dynamic experience to fans of the franchise. This version combines traditional Monopoly gameplay with unique, engaging elements centered around various habitats and heroes, offering players a deeper level of strategy and interaction.

Core Concept

In Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes, players navigate the board similarly to traditional Monopoly, but instead of merely purchasing properties, they invest in and develop habitats. These habitats represent different ecosystems, such as forests, oceans, deserts, and mountains, each with its unique set of heroes. The game maintains the core objective of accumulating wealth and outmaneuvering opponents, but the addition of habitats and heroes introduces new strategic layers.

Habitats and Heroes

The game features a variety of habitats, each providing distinct advantages and hosting unique heroes. These heroes possess special abilities that can significantly influence gameplay, offering bonuses, protection, or offensive capabilities. Here’s a closer look at the habitats and some of the heroes you might encounter:

  • Forest Habitat: Includes heroes like Fern the Fairy, who boosts green property values and rent, and Bark the Bear, who offers property protection.
  • Ocean Habitat: Features Coral the Mermaid, who enhances blue properties, and Finn the Dolphin, who can double rent temporarily.
  • Desert Habitat: Hosts heroes like Cactus Jack, who increases brown property values, and Sandy the Scorpion, who provides counterattacks.
  • Mountain Habitat: Includes Rocky the Eagle, offering strategic insights, and Frost the Yeti, who can freeze opponent movements.

Strategic Gameplay

Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes encourages players to think strategically about which habitats to invest in and how to utilize their heroes’ abilities effectively. The interaction between habitats and heroes adds a layer of depth, as players must balance resource management, property development, and tactical deployment of hero abilities to outwit their opponents.

Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes and Rewards
Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes and Rewards 2

List of All the Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes Rewards

The Habitat Heroes event is currently underway and will continue until May 16. You still have a few days left to participate and earn as many rewards as possible.

Monopoly Go Habitat Heroes Task LevelPoints You NeedMonopoly Go Habitat Heroes Reward
21015 dice
310Sticker pack
480125 dice
620Sticker pack
8150225 dice
113015 minutes of rent frenzy
1135Sticker pack
13425570 dice
1445Sticker pack
17800850 dice
1970Sticker pack
211001k dice
2210015 minutes of high roller
24160120 dice
26150130 dice
28200Sticker pack
29225Five minutes of cash boost
302.8k1.8k dice
31300 Cash
32400Sticker pack
33500 Cash
344.5k3.75k dice
35600Sticker pack
3670025 minutes of rent frenzy
37800500 dice
383.5l Cash
39300550 dice
401kSticker pack
411.1k Cash
426.5k6.5k dice and a sticker pack

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